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Created by Jevin

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Welcome to Sprint!


Sprint is a 1.16 parkour map that forces players to make fast pace decisions while traversing through the many biomes of the 43 stages. The twist? If the player stops sprinting, hits a wall, touches water or crouches they will be killed and sent back to the previous checkpoint!

If you manage to complete the map, there are also options to re-complete the map while challenging yourself further like playing with no checkpoints, or with no speed on.

This map is multiplayer friendly and offers hours of gameplay attempting to complete the challenging levels.




Planet Minecraft

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Screenshots (No Shaders)

Screenshots (Shaders)


- Updated to 1.17
- Reworked certain levels to feel better to play
- Improved upon the sprint detection to feel smoother
- Added blocks to levels
- Added champion mode


  • Revamped death messages.
  • Updated many builds.
  • Revamped ugly pink level.
  • Many other improvements.


  • Allowed players to disable and skip certain parts for accessibility.
  • Custom death messages + disabling options.
  • Made certain parts easier and more balanced.
  • Updated to 1.16.


  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't complete on no checkpoint mode.


Map Details

Creator: Jevin
(364 votes)
Version: 1.1.0
MC Version: 1.17
Size: 827 KB
Added: 2020-05-29
Downloads: 15,543
Category: Parkour Maps


Dustmop I started it and it was pretty fun but for some reason the checkpoints werent working, and also i could stop, i could shift and go in water, and i was in survival mode instead of adventure mode, im not sure what happened but it seems like a cool concept so hopefully you can fix it

2021-08-19 20:50

Solukisina The map does not work whatsoever. Checkpoints wouldn't work, every time I died I just went back to the very start, and worst of all, I was able to just stop running and I wouldn't die.

2021-08-19 18:56

cashew this map is not working
i should die when i hit a wall, touch water....but i m not dying
and i m not spawning at pressure plate, when i die in lava, void etc

2021-08-11 14:36

JohnLyonard Quoting Joey:
its a good map overall but, why cant i go into creative mode?? i downloaded a world and i should be able to go into Creative. i always wondered why map creators do this. it is slightly annoying.

Just disable command blocks (if on a server) and change your gamemode manually

2021-06-10 08:38

Discardedpine2 I don't recommend this world download it is fun until you get to level 43 and the game becomes absolutely unplayable. For reference the ground changes to all sorts of different colored concrete and it takes your frames into the depth of hell. I went from about 140 fps to literally 1 fps.

2020-12-15 01:23

Yorusi The nether part is impossible with gravity, magma and lava damage. I don't know how people did it, i think people cheated.

2020-09-12 23:41

Losrr Amazing map I loved it up until the rainbow part...
The first time around when i got to it i had to stop because i had a total of 15 frames max it was usually 5 or 8 frames
Then i saw that the map got updated and i was thinking maybe they fixed the rainbow part but they didn't but this time when i ran thru the ENTIRE MAP AGAIN I went thru the portal and my game crashed twice.

2020-07-15 01:17

Joey its a good map overall but, why cant i go into creative mode?? i downloaded a world and i should be able to go into Creative. i always wondered why map creators do this. it is slightly annoying.

2020-07-14 22:53

Liontack I have tried this map a lot, I really love it. My score went from 200+ resets to only 20. I would like to share my best run here: https://youtu.be/uHNymD9vCrc :)

2020-07-04 21:41

wafflefries1 This was very enjoyable and super satisfying! The difficulty goes very well with the Can't stop sprinting challenge, very well done :)

2020-06-30 14:51

mellow the map is really fun but the part with the blocks changeling it is to laggy its you cant move.

2020-06-27 16:44

TheCookieHunterz There are issues with whatever thing that makes so u die when u stop sprinting. if ur jumping while not sprinting it wont kill u, it also takes a while to kill u if u slow down on blocks and such and i almost had an epilepsi attack on the last level.

2020-06-22 21:58

BadVoice I had some fun with this one, took a bit longer than I anticipated, almost 700 deaths!
I really enjoyed the course up until the rainbow ending, gave my computer a stroke.

2020-06-22 12:14

Sebastian This was a really fun parkour map! I liked the unique 1.15 jumps that you have added :)

2020-06-18 00:26

Steve add an option to disable the rainbow floor

2020-06-15 04:23

Swift Really loved this map! However when doing the no checkpoints and getting to the Phantoms section i died each time i jumped into the water.
Might be worth checking out if its a bug or not

2020-06-15 00:51

Anonymous Decent map, not well-tested though. There's one level, the maze in with the Dark Oak trees, which is just down-right dumb. The fact that you can't stop sprinting is a fun idea, and it's execution is decent. There's some times though where it kills you with no reason, which is just annoying.

I was using shaders, but half-way through the map, I stopped. The map is too dark in a lot of places to be able to use shaders. And the last level, you could've given an epilepsy warning mate. I can also imagine that plenty of computers wont like that level, and will drop an insane amount of frames.

Overall: ★★✩✩✩ Would've been higher if the map felt more play-tested. Throughout my playthrough, I had parts where I felt like a proper play-test would've changed the level.
Building: ★★★✩✩ The map looked gorgeous, but as I said, not shader-optimized.
Idea: ★★★★✩ Really original idea, but there were some annoying bits in it, which killed you without a reason.

2020-06-13 17:56

koalgate I had to stop at the rainbow floor part. I have a 980 gtx which isn't the best but does it's job well enough, and that made me drop wayyyy too many frames. There needs to be a way to stop it because it was bad.

2020-06-12 03:12

Quaranting Group Sir Please stop making maps. This has enduced rage, RSI, and sadness on all of us.

Thank you

Ali O

2020-06-10 23:35

Myszon Very cool map for lonely evenings, I've beat it in like 2h

2020-06-08 19:55

soyouzpanda Please add an option to disable the rainbow animation in the last level

2020-06-08 18:46

Okiiru Yo why does the dark oak forest maze kill you even though you're still sprinting? I didn't even hit any of the blocks or let go of the sprint key? it just kills you randomly. still a good map tho

2020-06-08 04:46

Scorpoid Unfortunate that I am not allowed to go into creative mode to enjoy the map. Why do creators do this? It is single player. Let me do what I want to.

2020-06-07 03:24

PeroG there is a rainbow floore that is doing a lot of lag for me

2020-06-06 00:00

Fidocrew Sprint is an amazing map! I enjoyed all the decorations, secrets, and effort that went into it. I was a cool idea and I had pretty high expectations but mine were blown out of the water. Great map and I hope to see more in the future :)

2020-06-03 02:38

Liontack Very nice parkour map! The don't-stop-spri nting rule really pushed me in getting better at parkour. And I enjoyed it. Nice scenary and the parkour itself is not too hard. in my opinion. Thanks for all the checkpoints too :). I already did the run 3 times, each time halving the amount of resets. Please make more awesome maps Jaspr!

2020-06-02 16:24

SkunJuice Please on the last level give the option to turn off the pulsating floor, I don't have a very powerful PC and it took me about 20 mins longer than it should've due to lag spikes. That's it, it's a great map.

2020-05-31 21:05


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