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Snowball Parkour

Created by Nedyar10

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Map Info:
So you think you're the master of parkour.. Then try making your own :)

In this map, there is no parkour provided. Instead, you make your own through snowballs. Can you beat all the levels?


  • 12 levels and 6 bonus levels (18).
  • Awesome gameplay.
  • Reset system.
  • Lots of fun.


  • Right-click a snowball to spawn in a block.
  • Make your own course to the end.

Map made by: Nedyar10

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day! =)

Map Details

Creator: Nedyar10
(6 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 1.8 MB
Added: 2015-06-04
Downloads: 8,892
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Jeff this map is awesome plz make a 2nd one plz
Best parkur map ever

you brought a new part to parkour

2015-06-06 17:20

0 wallhug I'm stuck on the bonus level 5 "An exploding path". What do I do?

2015-06-06 10:36

+1 Ultrarainbow Omg best park our map ever! its its epic here is my rating originality 10/10 fun 9/10 design of levels 9/10. This has been the only park our map I have ever actually enjoyed completely awesome I would recommend this to anyone even if they hate park our or are terrible at it. Final overall rating... 98/100

2015-06-06 08:49

0 AirplaneCrafter I liked it. (Short comment.)

2015-06-05 23:27

0 Nedyar10 Don't worry about that. I fixed it and it should work now

2015-06-05 23:14

0 TheKHFan Quoting thisismyname193:
i died on the level with blindness and when i respawned i still have it any clue how i can get rid of it?

To get rid of it you can just type in "/effect @p clear" in the chat (Without quotations). Most likely you are supposed to spawn with it but the command should work.

Hope this helps!

2015-06-05 18:08

0 HelloThere In the stage "blind Light", you get both blindness and night_vision. This makes your whole screen black, and you can't see anything. This might not be a bug (I dont know), but the stage is impossible like that. Please fix it! Cool map btw.

2015-06-05 12:02

-3 thisismyname193 i died on the level with blindness and when i respawned i still have it any clue how i can get rid of it?

2015-06-05 00:56

+2 Nedyar10 It is but sometimes it glitches and the snowballs don't work, so don't spam the snowballs =)

2015-06-04 22:35

+3 Jacob Is this available for two players?

2015-06-04 20:37


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