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Rest In Peace Minecraft

Created by Ozalishes

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Map Info

This is small parkour map that I made within 12 hours, I made it to honor Minecraft as I feel like its dying.

The map consists of 5 not too difficult parkour areas, one for each major level of Minecraft.

It has multiple aspects such as effects, drops and even levitation.

There are also multiple vanity items like heads and armor, if you wanna look stylish while playing.

The map could be played with multiple players if you like. I specifically made this map for CaptainSparklez to play and hopefully enjoy.

I made a little booboo while making the actual map and when you enter, you'll need to set your gamemode to adventure and turn on cheats, I'm sorry. I'm not too experienced in making maps so I hope its alright for a starters map.

Enjoy :)

The map is made for 1.12.2 and I couldn't figure out how to set a guaranteed spawn so I greatly apologize if you spawnsomewhere random.


Map Details

Creator: Ozalishes
(209 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 2.3 MB
Added: 2019-03-28
Downloads: 10,516
Category: Parkour Maps


+3 HolaSoyCrepper Good game bro

2019-06-18 14:59

+2 snaikac0769 /setworldspawn to set a guarunteed spawn. (btw dont feel bad you didnt know that k)

2019-06-07 21:37

+8 Xray Hey! Do you have a discord? This is a great map and i want to see your future upcoming maps on discord!

2019-03-30 14:54

+14 CheetoLord211738 minecraft isnt dying.
good map tho

2019-03-29 22:07

-7 crafty202 it was so dark at the spawn place that i couldnt even start the game. i could barely read the signs, plus not everyone can open to lan. then i couldnt even find the button to start! terrible.

2019-03-29 14:28


2019-03-29 08:51


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