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Created by Sparkour

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Pure Dash is yet another "#Pure" map. These "#Pure" maps are minecraft parkour maps that are very Simple/Easy, Short, and Fun.

This trailer explains all you need to know ⤵️

Map Trailer

There are no signs or start buttons. You begin at level one, and after you find the "exit" you will be immediately teleported to the start of level two, and so forth.

It's a singleplayer map; if you bring a friend to play with you on this map, it will not work. Surprisingly, many people don't understand that. 

Block Effects

  • Yellow blocks act as checkpoints. 
  • Blue blocks give you jump boost.
  • Pink blocks give you speed. 
  • Black blocks give you death... avoid those ones. 


Map Details

Creator: Sparkour
(111 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 865 KB
Added: 2018-08-07
Downloads: 8,875
Category: Parkour Maps



2018-08-17 14:29

+2 The Banana Boy 10/10

2018-08-15 09:12

0 Sparkour Quoting cold2d:
Am I bad or is the lever part for 2 players?

I don't think your bad but the lever part is definitely doable in single player. As this is a single player map, ofc. The path you took at the beginning I tried hiding, as it took you past 2 levels, (sort of a reward for finding the secret path). But those two levels really taught the player how to use / solve green puzzles. The puzzle aspect was toned down a-lot since pure hype flow, and I thought it would be much easier (to the extent that I wouldn't have to say that it's a puzzle map instead of a parkour map).

SOLUTION: Flick the green lever. Make it across the newly unlocked path to the yellow checkpoint. Go back and unflick the green lever and kill yourself (by jumping onto black) without stepping on another checkpoint. You will respawn at the checkpoint from earlier with the rest of the path available to use.

2018-08-13 22:55

+2 Sparkour Quoting MangoMuncher_01:
i didnt get the big jump and speed at the start?

You could be playing on a server, You could have mods prohibiting command blocks from being run, You could be playing in any version that's not 1.12.2, You could be playing with 2 chunks of render distance, Your computer may not be able to process all the commands being loaded in at once. There could be many reasons involved with this that I couldn't fix. I'm sorry for it not working for you.

2018-08-13 22:49

+4 MangoMuncher_01 i didnt get the big jump and speed at the start?

2018-08-11 01:23

+2 cold2d Am I bad or is the lever part for 2 players?

2018-08-10 16:47

+2 Ghosty Awesome map, it was really fun and I had to use my brain and didn't rage which I always love!

2018-08-09 01:54

+2 Fierce GamingHD Hey I just saw your map and I have a YouTube gaming channel and I though I would play your map on my channel because I think your map is pretty cool. Keep up the amazing maps. Also I put the link to get your map from Minecraft in the description of my video. hope I help get your map out there.

2018-08-09 00:44


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