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Parkour Training Camp

Created by FirestarClash

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Hi Everybody! I am FirestarClash. This is my first parkour map of a potential series of maps if I get enough requests.

This is a parkour map to help you practice different types and aspects of parkour.

In this map, there are 5 total levels, 2 levels about slime blocks, 2 levels about ladders, and 1 final level that combines everything that was covered in the map.

The second level of each category gets slightly harder than the first one.

I tried to cover many of the different types of jumps possible in each category so that you can try and learn more types of parkour.

The final level is much longer than the other 4 levels and slightly harder. There are checkpoints along the way in case you fall down in the final level.

This is not one of the hardest parkour maps, but there are a couple challenging jumps.

As I said before, If I get enough requests, I will make more maps in this series.

Good Luck, and Have Fun!


Map Details

Creator: FirestarClash
(134 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 985 KB
Added: 2018-01-21
Downloads: 7,726
Category: Parkour Maps


Harsh1625 well i completed this map and I feel much better at parkour after playing in this map i actually played in 1.16 and had bugs with command blocks but i fixed them myself and I think it must also work in 1.18. as there are no changes in command blocks in 1.18, I have made a v2 of the map and i can give it to you if you ask and i don't need any credits you can credit yourself for it if you want, just add me in discord Harsh1625#8868. Thanks for making this Amazing map!

2022-01-05 07:32

Luis_hp Hey, i realy like this map and i decided to record some videos for my channel. Im brazillian, so you probably are not going to unsderstand it ('-')

I already finished the map, but i dont edited all of it yet.

2018-12-19 20:18

TheDoctor i did not like it...

not enough explanation of how to do the jumps.

i need Parkour for NOOBS!

2018-02-11 04:56

TheDoctor I am downloading this map. I know almost nothing about Parkour. So, any maps that attempt to teach noobs like me how to do it are awesome!

I will try to come back and give my thoughts after I make an attempt at your map.

2018-02-08 19:22

David I thing about this I never did much parkour so I will be at this map for hours maybe days but I will finish this map no matter what I do, also make more maps love to try them out.

2018-01-24 00:18

Xenocorpse Did a let's play on my channel Corpse Entertainment 12! Really enjoyed it! I discussed how to fix a bug I came across at the end.

2018-01-23 06:39

SyborgNL14 Good map, not too difficult (I consider myself average-good) looks good aswell

2018-01-22 15:34


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