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Parkour Switch

Created by sShiba

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This map requires Snapshot 20w13b (Minecraft 1.16)

Map Info

Parkour in 3 different stages! Each stage has 5 special levels within them! You will have to complete each limit under a small amount of time.

The levels will cycle back to levels you ran out of time to complete them so you can complete them then! I can proudly guarantee you will rage on some of the levels. :)



  • 2+ Render Distance
  • Single Player Only
  • Gamemode Adventure


Note for when the next snapshot release:

Since this map is being released on a snapshot I'm going to update it with every snapshot so its always up to date! With these updates I might sneak in an extra content update with it. That update would probably add another stage so there's more variety in the map!


Map Details

Creator: sShiba
(235 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16
Size: 5.93 MB
Added: 2020-04-02
Downloads: 4,215
Category: Parkour Maps

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