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Parkour Spiral

Created by Hielke external

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Map Info

In Parkour Spiral your goal is to reach the top of the enormous spiral tower! Along the way you have to beat all kind of parkour challenges. Are you skilled enough to reach the end?

  • Parkour that is fun for everyone!
  • Many unique level themes!
  • Multiplayer friendly!
  • Ranking system for added replayability!

Please Note:
This map is only for Minecraft: Java Edition.
If you want to play it on Bedrock Edition (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Mobile, Win10), you can get it on the Minecraft Marketplace



Map Details

Creator: Hielke external
(3974 votes)
Version: 2.1
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 7 MB
Added: 2017-06-08
Downloads: 326,149
Category: Parkour Maps

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+58 GabdeX man i did it in half an hour, its posible

2021-04-05 11:35

+736 flowingboat220 really cool map but you should make a command block for something like /r restarts you at begginging

2020-09-02 18:04

+537 ness27 Very good map! Good for people who enjoy Minecraft parkour, but aren't very skilled (like me). I got 1450 on my first try!

2020-08-26 21:26

+453 Bigotes8242 I love it it is so fun and I love beating my friend at it. It really improved my parkour skills.

2020-08-01 00:55

+427 Joel I finished the map but is there a way to get rid of my time?

2020-07-04 08:53

+385 Bod1l4o BG YT Quoting Steve:
Someone in China only spent 543 seconds on this map... So great!
Video Link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av27321241

So amazing

2020-05-22 07:55

+307 Evan Lord I found this one jump which wasn't possible so i couldn't finish the map

2020-05-14 19:16

+310 DerPepi For everyone, who wants to use creative mode: /setblock 2 49 -136 minecraft:air should work

2020-03-24 19:06

+280 Benjamin Really nice map. Enjoyed it a lot.

2020-03-17 03:01

+277 fabbernat Quoting why u care:
it sucks i got far and it teleported me at first spawn where you see all maps and creators

It's maybe because you arent playing in 1.12. In other versions the command blocks can't work correctly.

2019-08-28 20:04

+1089 ACerco_28 Another awesome map Hielke! 5/5

2019-08-03 12:31

+260 midas where is the command block the forces you to gamemode adventure? i want to stop it so i can show it in a cinemtic way in gamemode 3 but i can't.

2019-05-09 14:30

+265 JZ Awesome map! My time was 5474. I'm gonna play the second one now!

2019-02-11 20:18

+240 Zabien Beautifully created map with a few really tricky jumps. If you are playing for fun and entertainment, then this is your map.
Also, I'd say this is a really good map for new parkour players to get started with.

Solid 10/10

PS: 3264 secs, I suck at this game^^

2018-08-27 18:44

+463 why u care it sucks i got far and it teleported me at first spawn where you see all maps and creators

2018-02-07 23:13

+431 why u care this is annoying af i was so far an i got back on first spawn not on tower the spawn that u see all maps and creators >:(

2018-02-07 23:10

+217 Blue_Pumpkin Every time I download the map, it spawns me in an empty superflat world in Creative Mode... What do I do?

2017-12-27 13:15

+193 TheRedstoneEnderman The clock put me under pressure tho.

2017-12-27 07:43

+196 _MC_Wolfblood_ LOVED THE MAP!!!! AWESOME!

2017-12-02 15:25

+197 Memeplays It's soooo fun to do but hard

2017-11-27 20:46

+172 Maseun Awesome map ! tryharded to do my best and i got 1467 second any better ?

2017-11-25 02:28

+180 Contrebandier This is the first parkour map I ever played, and it was wonderful! Although some jumps really fucked up, I couldn't stop until I cleared the map.

2017-11-19 02:18

+182 A Google User This is my favorite parkour map after parkour spiral 2. It"s amazing. It"s not only parkour, there are amazing builds as well. Stop reading this and go download it

2017-11-15 14:49

+169 Ponyah got 886. Recorded 911 and uploaded on my YT/ Ponyah
Great Parkour map, not too hard or to easy just relaxing smooth gameplay.

2017-10-31 17:37

+179 Raphael_Rat I see de Myster Egg "How did you even get here?" ;)

2017-10-16 14:32

+447 TheNetherHunter Awesome map Hielke. I've played all your parkour maps and I think this is simply another masterpiece. Nice and easy this time around which was refreshing. Keep up the good work :D

I finished in 2252

2017-10-04 18:35

+397 Random Guy Quoting logan007:
hey hielke preston playz did this map and i am also most done in half of his time dude i am just stuck on the ice part. just the part before the ice was hard i couldn.n't do the the 1st jump on the tree to tree jumping.

Well remember he had shark holding him back lol

2017-10-03 17:49

+174 Im_Jooossshhh Did it in 3492 :D soo happy, looking forwards to playing parkour spiral 2! btw love u

2017-10-03 17:47

+172 JM Quoting logan007:
wow the you are bad. what you need to see is the vid that preston playz did on this map.

Are you serious. You see that someone is struggling with the map, so you decide to make fun of them and compare them to PrestonPlayz?
So what? I'm bad and no one judges me. If I were good at parkour I wouldn't discourage others. Also, I doubt you're better then PrestonPlayz anyway. That is just sad.

2017-09-19 18:32

+225 Hazel_03 Amazing map u and Skolion made :)

2017-08-27 15:27


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