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Parkour Helix

Created by Jerrah

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Map Info

Welcome to Parkour Helix!

Take on 60 levels as you traverse up a giant helix in the sky. The goal is simple: Get to the end of the helix as fast as you can. That's it!


  • 1. No cheating / griefing
  • 2. Stay in adventure mode / peaceful difficulty
  • 3. Multiplayer is allowed
  • 4. Have fun!

Everything in this map was created entirely by me. This map took me about 11 days to make.


-Made some small changes to certain stages to make them less confusing / easier


Map Details

Creator: Jerrah
(657 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 2.8 MB
Added: 2021-09-16
Downloads: 8,273
Category: Parkour Maps


+2 epic map buddy epic map buddy

2021-10-24 08:49

0 Please Help im stuck on the 3rd one pls help

2021-10-02 20:26

+6 Lona This game is awesome!! It helps your speed and parkour skills so much, now Im getting better at parkour!!

2021-09-20 22:27

+2 zulik Quoting Chalene munasinghe:
great game
best one ever
its based on hielke maps, but for these sort of maps the only 2 amirkaka ones are the best in my opinion, parkour planet 1 and my favourtie map, parkour planet 2, in those the inspiration from hielke is not that big but are even better, try them out, also, the fact it tries to be like hielkes maps doesnt mean its bad, but he could make the scenario of a level be part of the parkour of the next level, and there are lots of zones in this map that could be done and i wanted to do it

2021-09-20 14:55

+1 paras cordinates please i am using it with multiverse core

2021-09-20 11:44

-3 Omega1018 Cool, but I wish it was 1.16 so I could use my shaders

2021-09-18 14:17

+8 RobezGB Looks FUN to me!
I will try this definitely.
Thanks for the Map!

2021-09-17 11:29

+8 Obito61 I love it , Amazing map

2021-09-17 04:59

+5 Chalene munasinghe great game
best one ever

2021-09-17 03:52


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