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Welcome to Parkour Fervor v2.1!

This map packs TONS of parkour with over two hours of gameplay.  It supports the latest and greatest checkpointing (instant, directional tp on right-click) for up to four players, giving you more time jumping and less time typing /kill. ;)  Jump in and get ready to feed your fervor with parkour everywhere you look!  No setup necessary, just make sure command blocks are enabled on your server and have fun!

The main course is Parkour Fervor, a long and diverse parkour track with plenty of checkpoints and broken into sections and chapters so it's easy to come back to.  There is a built in timer and tries tracking (press tab to see your tries).  This course is for medium level skill.  That is, you won't need to be a pro but if you aren't familiar with momentum jumps or have never played, settle in for a long ride.  My run was just under two hours.  Recommend clouds off.

If you are less experienced or just want a relaxing bit of parkour, try out the side dish, the Fluffy Run!  Soft serve clouds deliver a relaxing jaunt through the sky with a few scattered challenges.  This also has a built in timer and tries tracking.  See if you can beat my score!  My run was a little under 15 minutes.  Recommend clouds on.

Finish up with a dessert challenge, Race to the Heavens!  This simple course is all about moving quick and good timing.  You have five minutes to finish this tough challenge.  Falling from heaven is the fastest way to lose; I finally managed to win it all when I beat it with only one fail.  Go for the gold and try to beat my score!  Recommend clouds off.

YouTubers welcome!  If you upload this, please let me know, I love watching others play!  I am working on videos of my fastest run through to show you all the jumps and paths, so look out for it if you get stuck somewhere.

Comments and criticism welcome.  Thanks for checking out my map!



Version 2.1 Changes:

  • Fixed a spawnpoint bug where players would cause others players to also set their spawnpoint whenever they stepped on a block (but not the checkpoint).
  • Added a few extra checkpoints to some unintentionally very difficult areas.
  • Added a few signs and changed some wording to make it clearer where to go.


1. Make sure command blocks are enabled.

2. Checkpoints:

    a. Make sure your checkpoint armor stand is loaded.  If you went very far without a checkpoint, it may have been unloaded.

    b. Make sure there is exactly one checkpoint armor stand with each name Checkpoint_P1, ..., Checkpoint_P4.

    c. Make sure your player IDs are set right, you should have IDs 1-4 (scoreboard objective "playerId").  There is an automatic ID setter that initializes your player ID when you login.  (One thing that should work is to right-click a fishing rod to teleport to the command blocks then press the initialize world button then restart your course.)


2016-03-27 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: PhyloGenesis
(148 votes)
Map Version: v2.1
Minecraft Version: 1.9
File Size: 14.63 MB
Date Added: 2016-03-27
Downloads: 8,451
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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