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Parkour City

Created by Zombie1111, _Elton

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Map Info

In Parkour City you will parkour on different structures inside a medium-sized city. On the way to the end you will need to parkour through and around all different kinds of structures filled with interior and stuff to jump on. To reach all checkpoints you may need to jump on some cars or maybe some plants. It's up to you if you want to race against the time or explore and search for all 50 hidden secrets!

City Features

  • +Multiplayer friendly
  • +Highly detailed city with a lot of stuff to explore
  • +Smart auto teleport system that teleports you to latest checkpoint when you fail a jump
  • +Complex timer and ranking system that gives you a rank depending on your skills
  • +Be able to replay the whole parkour if you want to give it another attempt and get better ranks.
  • +Unlock up to 5 hidden rooms by finding more and more secrets
  • +4 different settings for you to customize your experience
  • +Easy to see where to go and a overall smooth parkour
  • +Fun for both begginers and parkour experts
  • +A ghost mode that allows you to seach for new secrets, find shortcuts or spectate your friends
  • +Jump pads that makes you jump higher



Map Details

Creator: Zombie1111, _Elton
(228 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.17
Size: 8.95 MB
Added: 2021-07-17
Downloads: 6,182
Category: Parkour Maps


+2 alequipe great map! this was my first ever parkour map, so it's definitely beginner-friend ly! :D it's very easy to follow and figure out where to go. i've also gotten all but one secret now. that last seems to be evading me... i had a lot of fun with it, though, and now i plan to challenge myself with it by getting good scores! thank you so much, guys!

2021-07-28 07:12

0 Karina This is a great Map!! Thank youuuu!!!

2021-07-21 21:20

+1 ... Really Good Map really enjoyed it :)

2021-07-21 15:25

+3 TheFoxOverlord Really good map! Would it be possible to make a walkthrough / text guide for all the secret locations? I found 49, but can't seem to find the last one...

2021-07-19 21:01

0 blendermuffin Another very polished map from Zombie and Elton! great parkour map.

2021-07-19 18:24

-5 Biscotte checkpoints are randomly put and block which kick you back too

2021-07-19 16:10

-3 Amygo umm is it playable in 1.16 though

2021-07-19 13:43

+5 AmirKaká Great map! definitely recommend

2021-07-18 10:47


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