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Out of Time

Created by MasterMage8

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This is a singleplayer parkour map made for players who know a thing or two about, well, parkour.

There are twelve levels of different difficulty and two bonus levels.

You only have fifteen seconds to them. If you fail, you get teleported back to the beginning.

Every stage is 100% possible, but if you can't complete it, there is a skip button.

Can you beat my score of 43 Fails?


  • Don't break/place any blocks.
  • Play in Adventure mode.
  • Play in version 1.9.
  • Don't cheat.


  • Speed and jump boost parkour
  • Glass panes
  • Soul sand

and more


If you spot any bugs or errors while playing the map, please send a message to [email protected]

Thank you.


Map Details

Creator: MasterMage8
(82 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 884 KB
Added: 2016-04-28
Downloads: 5,617
Category: Parkour Maps


Carp I like this map but it has a few flaws. First of all, if you read the rules and the credits and then attempt to read them again, the titles and subtitles will overlap, making everything almost illegible. Second, after completing a level, your remaining time is still displayed in your XP bar. I'm not sure if this was intentional and it's a very minor detail, but it can be easily fixed with a single command. Third, there are several holes in the "lobby" that you probably forgot to fill in with barrier blocks, making level selection a challenge in of itself. Other than that, it's a pretty good map, and I hope you continue making them.

2016-05-15 19:33

Owen wisden. good map but you lied about your score i don't believe that's your score.

1 out of 5 becuse u lied

yours sincerly.

2016-04-29 17:30

Sam This is the Hardest Parkour map I've ever played. I had to cheat at the end :( I don't even think Preston could beat this. Nice work though! =)

2016-04-29 00:33

Backspace Just one word can describe my thoughts about this map- Wow. Challenging- Yes | Rage- Yes | Fun- Yes Check out what I mean

2016-04-28 22:40


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