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Neighborhood Parkour

Created by Tango1down

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Map Info

This map is a sequel to another map that i made called City Parkour.

So what happened this time is that there is a hurricane came and flooded the city and you have to try to save yourself and your family.

Also there is 2 ways to go one is a boat and the other is a helicopter.

Also This time all jumps are possible and i checked and double checked so this map should be a little easier depends on you parkour skills.

So i hope you enjoy and go check out my video in my channel (Tango1down) if you guys have trouble or stuck with the map.


Map Details

Creator: Tango1down
(201 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 884 KB
Added: 2018-01-19
Downloads: 2,828
Category: Parkour Maps


-2 PowerCow Controlled environments could be integrated better, alas still a good map

2018-01-20 07:15


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