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Mirror Mirror

Created by luigi207

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Map Info:
The only thing you have to help is a mirror, following the reflection in the mirror will guide you to the finish, there is a secret, you know when you find it, for it is hidden in plain sight, but within the reflection.

Thanks for downloading my map, that is if you did. Now, if you post a video of this map in youtube, and you find the secret, you will get a shoutout in the next version of Mirror Mirror.

Map Details

Creator: luigi207
(4 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 238 KB
Added: 2015-06-22
Downloads: 13,984
Category: Parkour Maps


MooshaScrooch The ghost blocks are called barriers
do /give @p barrier
to get an invisible block!

2015-07-02 11:29

MooshaScrooch Its short but pretty intresting using mirrors to mirror the blocks, good idea!

2015-07-02 11:28

dsjdoisj i found the secret ;)

2015-06-30 19:18

JazzyCubeCrafter shortest map ever. not very fun

2015-06-29 00:35

Dockstader i made a gameplay

2015-06-29 00:30

CHCMATT Would you care if I made a map just like this but with my own levels. Same concept, just more levels, maybe more complex levels, and more redstone stuff, less laggy redstone, etc.?

2015-06-26 05:20

Cole The map is kind of small but very creative! So much potential. I hope you make more! Thanks! Great map!

2015-06-26 04:49

MrS7 Quoting BlueGoldenApple:
How did you get the ghost blocks

Really simple give command; /give @p barrier
or replace '@p' with a username or other selector.

2015-06-25 01:04

Unsightedmetal6 Quoting WolfenTiger:
Really Really frustrating...

Is that good or bad? Most puzzle map-lovers like that.

2015-06-24 21:24

luigi207 Quoting Mikeman91:
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is This Map Any Good At All?

{Mirror} Yes.

thanks :D

2015-06-24 02:47

BlueGoldenApple How did you get the ghost blocks

2015-06-23 17:17

WolfenTiger Really Really frustrating...

2015-06-23 17:15

SlimeEnergy I could record but this map is TOO hard and would take like 2 hours

2015-06-23 17:11

Mikeman91 Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is This Map Any Good At All?

{Mirror} Yes.

2015-06-22 19:25


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