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Minecraft Word Parkour

Created by Cheezbergur11

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Map Info:
This is a minecraft parkour course. The levels are set inside each letter of minecraft (see screenshot). You do NOT jump across the top of them. There is at least one room inside each of the letters!

There are 10 levels of parkour, along with a final level, The King's Level. (which is why the "T" is not shown)

It gets harder and harder as you go along.

The Levels:
Level 1: White Room
Level 2: Orange Room
Level 3: Green Room
Level 4: Red Room
Level 5: Black Room
Level 6: Yellow Room
Level 7: Pink Room
Level 8: Brown Room
Level 9: Dark Gray Room
Level 10: Blue Room
Last: King's Level

-Play in Adventure or Survival Mode.
-You cannot break blocks, however, you CAN press buttons, flick levers, etc.
-You can only place blocks found in chests.
-I think it's possible to play on Easy or harder, but I would recommend Peaceful.
-Have fun!

I cannot keep you from breaking the rules, but I'm just saying, it's not very fun if you do.

If there are any bugs, please leave a comment on here.

100% of the jumps are possible. If you know where you're jumping isn't possible, then you're jumping in the wrong place.

This should work with any mods. If it doesn't, or if there is a problem with it with no mods, please say so.

Original Thread (more content on map):

Thank you for downloading! Have fun!


Map Details

Creator: Cheezbergur11
(22 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 2.7 MB
Added: 2013-07-05
Downloads: 171,403
Category: Parkour Maps


Good map This is super cool map

2014-06-10 13:48

Kevin Hey, I did a playthrough of your map with a friend, it was a very good map, part 2 will be out tomarrow, and also make more maps, very enjoyable! :)

2014-05-12 23:38

Huzehh Nice PARKOUR map i really liked the levels and i think everyone should play this :P

2014-05-09 11:27

Kenin Great! I made it! actually the Iron door in the king's level is activated by an awkwardly positioned Button

2014-03-07 11:43

_SkyGlory_ I don't wanna brag, but it's pretty easy( at least for me) but it's so much fun! I recommend this map to everyone!

2014-01-25 17:42

lotz1227 Loving the map! Trying to play it through for a youtube video on youtube.com/lot z1227 (we are allowed to right?), but I was wondering if there was a specific reason for the firework sounds? it's a little annoying! Thanks,

2014-01-18 23:13

Crafting4U Very fun map! I totally recommend it! :)

2014-01-10 02:47

okee it took me sooo long to beat the kings level

2014-01-03 02:41

Spy I thought this map was pretty good, but I kinda raged when i finished and blew up everything 0.0. Sorry about that, but it was a great map! Keep it up!

2014-01-01 02:37

Nader Sherif i think it would be a little better with out the fireworks because they kinda make me lag no offense

2013-12-27 15:15

khoo this is the best parkour map i have seen
great job dude you rock

2013-12-03 10:08

Cheezbergur11 Thank you for 100,000 downloads everyone!

2013-11-29 21:41

Mudkip_Ninja I'm stuck on the king's level... :(

2013-11-04 05:46

TheRussky This is the best and easy parkour map I played so far! I have never had so much fun replaying this map! It's the best way to keep me calm.

2013-10-31 12:57

whoah I made my own checkpoints on the level because im really bad at parkour:{

2013-10-06 15:05

Shadow75715 Very Fun. I enjoyed it, though I saved the monster spawner and ladder for the King's Level[aka Purple Room] I also used my lily pad on the blue room, made Kind of a mess "Derp"!!!


2013-09-29 02:28

minecraftguy459 that is a really cool map! i just played it and at the end when it said minecraft it was the coolest mc parkour map i have seen so far! good job and i hopt to play another one of your maps again!

2013-09-15 17:52

NotCoe Epic Map! Just for my parkour level (Im pro! Or should i say 8/10) But i give this map 10/10

2013-09-12 17:29

Erio_Zah_Mighty Great map! But I think the Kings level is way too easy. I think you should lengthen it and add different types of jumps.

2013-08-26 01:03

Ajaehae Dude! amazing map one of the best I've played yet!

2013-08-14 01:07

xsammasx Wow, i really enjoyed this map :) Especially the books :D

2013-08-12 17:59

Fyre_Spark Really nice map, I have one problem with it though, the fireworks were making me lag alot,(my pc is terrible),so much so, that I couldn't even make the first jump,if you could perhaps put a lever or something at the start as an option of turning them off, that would be great. Thanks, and one again really awesome map :D

2013-08-06 08:21

Waviest great map some how managed to do nice finish the king challenge was so hard though

2013-08-04 16:55

yourboss Its a good map i beat it the king level was pretty hard eventually i beat it, it took a long time though

2013-08-03 13:39

MacieD Awesome map! It got hard when I made it to blue but I managed to finish king level.

2013-08-01 08:33

Whippit This was awsome. Took me an hour. Dunno if i cheated when i put a beacon in one of he holes and a mob spawner in the other hole in last room around the glass on the top?

2013-07-30 18:52

block_boy2 the next map should be the word "Nether" and it is made out of nether blocks (possibly a nether fortress somewhere in the letters)

2013-07-28 04:05

MCDetected I see that you don't have the mod OptiFine, I recommend it, it's a mod that increases the fps and gives you more graphic options

2013-07-26 19:48

GirlwithWings Very Fun!!! But the fireworks make my game slow.

2013-07-20 21:56

ZPumpking Had a awesome time playing the map: it's a very nice parkour map. LIke I said in the video: Short but sweet; and that the essential. Nice touch with the fireworks by the way ;)

Oh, and of course I Let's Played it hope you enjoy ;)


2013-07-17 19:24

epicman2 This Parkour Map is hard at some times but easy the other i personally thought most of it was hard but i thought im not going to be a noob and did not cheat

2013-07-13 05:38

BIN4555 Quoting raincloud:
i had to /gamemode so much :( i feel so bad

Me too it was a bit hard, but i really loved the map he did a great job

2013-07-12 12:49

Cheezbergur11 Quoting Zaphoidx:
Very nice map! The King level was very difficult! Especially that jump around the glass!! (had to GM there unfortunately!)

Really appreciate your work Cheezbergur11!

Hope to see more from you soon!!


Thank you!

Comments like this keep me going!


2013-07-10 22:28

Zaphoidx Very nice map! The King level was very difficult! Especially that jump around the glass!! (had to GM there unfortunately!)

Really appreciate your work Cheezbergur11!

Hope to see more from you soon!!


2013-07-10 19:26

Cheezbergur11 Quoting qr0n:
How did you do that with the Firework spawner in the "C"???

I used the Too Many Items mod.
It's very helpful for building, but I don't use it in Survival.
It's by Marglyph (some guy idk).

2013-07-08 23:02

Cheezbergur11 Quoting XzCraftP:
Can I put this on my server? It's so awesome :D

Yes, but please give credit somewhere or a download link. Also what's the ip? I might want to try it out :)

2013-07-08 23:01

Felipe very cool map but too short, finished it too fast.

2013-07-08 22:35

raincloud i had to /gamemode so much :( i feel so bad

2013-07-08 20:49

qr0n How did you do that with the Firework spawner in the "C"???

2013-07-08 18:10

jlhm1963 im in the blue room now and it very hard

2013-07-08 15:35

XzCraftP Can I put this on my server? It's so awesome :D

2013-07-08 10:39

Maku24 Using this with Smart moving mod!

2013-07-07 22:03

dragonfire54 Amazing Thanks Alot It Tested My Parkour Skills I Did Not Cheat And Beat It all

2013-07-07 18:20

TheMrModerize This is such a great map! Even made a video for it! Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJPCK0jRE_E

Can't wait for your next map!

2013-07-07 16:49

drderpyrocks Very fun, but i'm a noob at parkour and I had to cheat on a few levels.

2013-07-07 11:52

Blackbatz This is Horribly Awesome!! Great map! :D

2013-07-07 04:35

Cheezbergur11 Quoting shakeituprules299:
awesome map can you make another one maybe

Thanks ;) and I will make another one if this map gets
popular enough.

2013-07-06 22:56

shakeituprules299 awesome map can you make another one maybe

2013-07-06 19:18

Cheezbergur11 Thank you! I agree, the King Level was very hard, I didn't realize how hard until I tried it for myself, I had to cheat too.

2013-07-06 18:26

Nonak Very cool map. I made all levels, but at the King Level I cheated because it was too hard for me.

2013-07-06 14:14


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