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Created by Tantulum

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Map Info:
Hello! This is my first shared Minecraft custom map. Welcome to "Mania", a Minecraft custom map that will drive you to madness with its manageable but aggravating parkour. With over five hours of gameplay and over 27 hidden collectibles that unlock special stages, Mania contains three diverse environments and riveting exploration.

Thank you for downloading. If you spot any bugs while playing through, please report them to me below. FYI, if an area looks impossible to reach, then it probably is! This is an explorative parkour map where the levels have a general path to follow, but are open enough to look around and possibly find alternative paths. If you encounter one of these "impossible" areas, then there must be another way to progress!

This map can be played both SOLO and MULTIPLAYER; however, the multiplayer feature of this difficult map makes the challenge of completing it even harder! You'll soon see when delving into this world. Be sure to play on PEACEFUL; set command blocks to be true if you are on a server; the experience bar notifies players of how many diamonds they have retrieved!

Lots of 3D platforming games like Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, etc. have inspired many of the levels as well as some other custom minecraft maps as you'll soon see.

Update 1.2:

  • Now you can replay levels!
  • Implemented a feature that allows players to go back to the hub in each level.
  • Patched up more holes in levels that led to leaving the map.
  • A lot of 4-block jumps have been adjusted to 3-block or added ladder.
  • Added more signs to direct players where to go in confusing situations.
  • Fixed some broken checkpoints in World 2-1.
  • Fixed some redstone wiring in World 1.

Update 1.1:

  • The "Easy" levels are now easier (1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4) so now there are less "impossible" jumps.
  • Updated the "Essence of the Map".
  • Fixed the holes in levels that lead to leaving the map.
  • Updated the bonus world; made it more accessible and flexible.
  • Placed signs to lead people where to go.
  • Added a death counter. Press TAB to see it next to your name.

Map Details

Creator: Tantulum
(17 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 8.9 MB
Added: 2014-01-05
Downloads: 50,060
Category: Parkour Maps


-4 Farmerty This map does have a few (A lot) of unmakeable jumps but its still a good challenging map what I did was give my self speed 2 and that seemed to help on some of the unmakeable jumps but then again this is the creators first parkour map (I think) so I think with a little work this map could be the best map in the world!

2014-04-25 00:48

+22 Tantalum Hey guys, this is the map creator. I had no idea there was a separate hosting site for my website. I am really surprised you guys played and enjoyed my map! Since I thought my map post was practically dead, I didn't really care about anything in my map. But, now that I see that there has been a large amount of people who played and critiqued it, I'll be sure to fix the problems and upload an updated version when I have the time. Thank you so much! I appreciate your guys' time in playing my map! :)

2014-04-22 20:59

+1 evan99m Fix the impossible jumps and I would give your map a 10 out of 10!

2014-03-20 23:25

+3 ChibiKage89 Started doing a lets play of this map on my youtube channel,

2014-02-21 19:03

+11 MisterJacker124 I tried and tried and tried this map. It was good but... broken in some parts and a little confusing. The thought behind it was ok but you need to input a little more direction. If you intend to make another map, my advice would be to continue what you're doing but make sure you fill in the missing holes and make sure no-one needs to change their gamemode because they have no idea how to jump those almost impossible jumps.

2014-01-30 07:36

+7 Erlendnj This map is the best! I love it!

2014-01-24 14:02

-19 jack this is alwful and broken

2014-01-11 02:19

-10 Anna c its very confusing at some parts

2014-01-09 17:41

+19 Lapoul this map is really challenging, but i like it!

2014-01-07 10:56

+23 Sam The game you have tried to make here is a good idea - but the way you executed it did not go well. There are unmakeable jumps and you did not give any direction top where we have to go. So - just a little criticism - maybe just fix these things and your map will be better.

2014-01-06 20:07

+19 kieran the easy levels were ridiculous, plenty of unmakeable jumps as well as little direction for where to go

2014-01-06 03:05


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