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Lunar Speed

Created by ShockingShots

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Map Info:
Lunar Speed is an intermediate single-player speed run map with frequent checkpoints and a timer to keep track of how long it takes you to finish.


  • Frequent checkpoints.
  • A timer.
  • A very unique track that takes place at night.

Before You Play:

  • Make sure you are on 1.8.1.
  • If you're playing on a server, turn command blocks on.
  • Make sure the command blocks are working by trying to go into gamemode 1. If you stay in gamemode 2, the command blocks are working.

Block Effects:

  • Sea Lanterns- Set your checkpoint
  • Iron Blocks- Gives you speed boost x1
  • Packed Ice- Gives you speed boost x3
  • Gold Blocks- Gives you speed boost x6
  • Diamond Blocks- Give you speed boost x15
  • Emerald Blocks- Teleports you down by 30 blocks
  • White Stained Clay- Starts timer (You will probably not see this block)
  • Quartz Blocks- Stops Timer


  • If you notice any particle effects above the course while you are running, do not worry. There are 1 block wide end portals above the course for extra lighting (there's no way you could enter the end through them because they have been surrounded by barrier blocks).
  • There is a bug at the end of the course to stop the timer. Occasionally it will tell you that you have beaten the course, however, the timer will keep running. I haven't figured out how to fix this yet, and the way to stop the timer is to keep jumping until it stops. (The same bug occurs at the start of the course, however it is less glitchy there).
  • This is my first map that I have released, so hopefully you like it :)

YouTube Rules:

  • If you record on this map, please challenge 1-3 other Youtubers to beat your time.
  • You are allowed 2 attempts at the course. The first attempt is to get a feel for the map, and the second is to shoot for a good time.
  • Please leave a link to your video in the comments below so it can be found easier.

Map Details

Creator: ShockingShots
(12 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 1.5 MB
Added: 2015-02-17
Downloads: 26,000
Category: Parkour Maps


Vonnelbobo I went ahead and did your map, and recorded it. Oh boy was that one hell of a hoot, especially at the end.

2015-03-30 01:39

ShockingShots Quoting TapirMoose:
As promised, I did this one too! Really loving your maps! I got so close to beating your first score on my first attempt. :'(

Thanks dude, I appreciate it :)

2015-03-13 01:24

TapirMoose As promised, I did this one too! Really loving your maps! I got so close to beating your first score on my first attempt. :'(

2015-03-11 23:04

aina im crying over here, really , i cand get past the slime block jumps. they are too hard :S save me please ;,(

2015-03-09 19:44

ShockingShots Quoting Amy:
Only issue I'm having is checkpoints spawn you facing the wrong way

Unfortunately I can't do anything about that as far as I know. I believe minecraft spawns up facing a specific direction automatically.

2015-02-25 19:20

Amy Only issue I'm having is checkpoints spawn you facing the wrong way

2015-02-25 13:20

foto1000 Quoting BoxGhost:
Are you supposed to get a speed boost at the beginning or no. If yes that's not working for me.

you are supposed to get speed iv,
but i dont know why it doesnt work for you

2015-02-23 15:58

ShockingShots @BoxGhost

Yes you are. Try doing /gamemode 1 to see if command blocks are working. You know they are working if you stay in gamemode 2.


Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it :)

2015-02-21 22:36

foumzguid The jumps were hard sometimes, but if they weren't I'd have finished the map in 2 minutes. Awsome map!!! So keep on making maps!

2015-02-20 18:45

BoxGhost Are you supposed to get a speed boost at the beginning or no. If yes that's not working for me.

2015-02-19 16:53

ShockingShots @ThePower13579

Glad to hear! :)

@dat guy

The jumps were impossible if you didn't get the swiftness effect from the iron blocks at each checkpoint. If an iron block is 2 beneath you, you get the swiftness effect. Try typing /gamemode 1. If you stay in adventure mode, command blocks are working. If not, there is a problem. Thank you for the feedback :)

2015-02-19 05:41

dat guy there were a lot of impossible jumps. was i so posed to have a swiftness potion?

2015-02-18 22:52

ThePower13579 I loved your map dude. This was so fun, and I'm gonna play it again probably.

2015-02-18 17:43

ShockingShots @NikolasParkour

Thank you so much! :D
Don't worry, I have big plans for a couple maps coming in the future ;)

2015-02-18 13:45

NikolasParkour This map is so awesome! I like the ending so much. Make more fun maps :D ! Good luck.

2015-02-17 21:46

ShockingShots @tj100801

Thank you for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated :)

2015-02-17 19:24

ShockingShots @Bonzai021

Thank you for the feedback! When you say the jumps 'fudge up' is it the barrier blocks? If so, could you tell me where so I can fix it?

2015-02-17 19:24

ShockingShots @boom34z

I'm sorry you feel that way. I wanted to make the jumps harder so you couldn't beat it in just 1 minute. I enjoy more challenging parkour maps so it suits my style. The invisible blocks do not spawn as you jump, they are in the same place. If you could tell me where they are, I'd be happy to fix it :)

2015-02-17 19:22

tj100801 Really good map dude! keep up the good work.

2015-02-17 17:57

Bonzai021 Thx for letting me break my keyboard :D
Well i needed a new one so whatever!
Sometimes the jumps are fudge up and too hard
But whatever
You did a good job but try to make it a bit less hard nexg=t time :D
Cya xD

2015-02-17 16:19

boom34z I am so done with this map. The jumps are way too hard, and you can't go into game mode 1, just to fly past a part. And are the invisible blocks spawning as you jump? I feel like there are. Worst parkour map i have played in a while.
P.S. High, as in High score, is H-i-g-h, not H-i.

2015-02-17 14:50


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