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Jay's Parkour Challenge 2

Created by JayMineCrafton

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Map Info:
You've gone 34 days without cake, jumped on some very odd blocks, triumphed Temple Trifecta, and mastered the caves in Pickour. But can you defeat my second parkour challenge?

Challenge yourself and your friends to get the least amount of slips possible!

This map is very easy to install. All you need to do is drag the map into your saves folder and hit play!

Note: Make sure you're on 1.8.3! This map is recommended for single player, but if you do play on a server, make sure command blocks are enabled! If you're having trouble finding the spawn on the server, load up the world on single player first and then load it on the server.

Map by: JayMineCrafton

Thank you Wundero for assisting with Holograms and other assorted Redstone!

Map Details

Creator: JayMineCrafton
(6 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.3
Size: 362 KB
Added: 2015-03-30
Downloads: 24,991
Category: Parkour Maps


0 JayMineCrafton Quoting Gamer156753:
Are some jumps here even possible?

I assure you they are all possible.

2015-05-12 03:36

-4 lume 25 slips ;) pretty easy

2015-04-26 16:20

-3 Gamer156753 Are some jumps here even possible?

2015-04-23 06:35

+4 JayMineCrafton Quoting jake:
there is a way to cheat without commands its really simple you should address this

I leave cheating up to the player. If they want to do /gamemode 1, so be it. I also like to address the fact that some people enjoy exploring the map after beating it :)

2015-04-01 01:20

+6 jake there is a way to cheat without commands its really simple you should address this

2015-04-01 00:22

+6 CrsAurelio Short but it was fun! Not bad, seriously :) and did it with 43 slips :P

Pretty much it, luv ur maps (y)

2015-03-30 14:05

+6 Xenowolf Challenging, but fun! Good map for youtube challenge videos :D

On my first try of the map I did it with 62 slips :D Not too bad, I think.

I love all your maps by the way :)

2015-03-30 12:25

+7 eval very very short... and hard

2015-03-30 11:37


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