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Freestyle Parkour 2

Created by Gamerichie

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Map Info

A year ago, I made Freestyle Parkour, which was relatively well-received within the Minecraft community. I received lots of requests to make a sequel, but never really got around to it until now.

I present to you... Freestyle Parkour 2!

Tired to playing other parkour maps causing you so much rage?

Then Freestyle Parkour 2 is the map for you!

Featuring thirty more fun and levels, Freestyle Parkour 2 returns with more banter!

The map is set in a calming blue sky.

Jokes and fun can be found on every level. On the other hand, there are little to no quad jumps, just like the other map.

So download the map today, and erase all the rage out of your body!

Creator Info

Gamerichie: My Twitter


Map Details

Creator: Gamerichie
(227 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 258 KB
Added: 2017-04-13
Downloads: 10,413
Category: Parkour Maps


+2 PrestonPlayzFan Duuuuuude!!!! PRESTON PLAYED THIS!!!

2017-09-02 21:44

+2 Ecto Isrune Eyyy! I didn't record, but I found out I was in this map! While it was semi-rage inducing, it was amazing!

2017-05-27 04:04

+5 TryHardNinja Great map! Loved it!

2017-05-10 03:07

+1 KewlKid Best map I've seen in a while!

2017-05-05 00:30

+3 crainer fan crainer played this haha

2017-05-03 04:18

+4 Duncluck Enjoyable parkour and banter! This was good for me since I'm kind of bad at parkour. Overall good map 4/5.

2017-04-30 16:06

+3 ZzWindycloudzZ Amazingly fun! Loved the first one too!

2017-04-29 02:41

+2 SamGoober It was a good map! It is very difficult though I don't think the other person knows that you can stand on top of ladders, and jump from them.

PS: I have a 2x2, 6 3x3 speed cubes, a 3x3, a 4x4,5x5,7x7, megaminx, x-cube, curvy copter, and 3x4x5.

2017-04-26 22:55

+1 Zeke That was really fun! I want to see a third map. This map was really good.
(PS I played the first one)

2017-04-22 16:40

+2 Gamerichie Quoting Bobotheboss390:
on level 9 you need to build the ladders 2 up you cant climb the ladders try this before post XD

I'm not entirely sure what you are talking about, but I can assure you the entire map is possible. A full legit playthrough can be found at (although the commentary is in Japanese, the playthrough is fine)

2017-04-18 00:12

+2 SAM & MAX Brilliant map GAMERICHIE, just reviewed it on my youtube channel here:-

Keep up the good work!

2017-04-17 19:41

0 Bobotheboss390 on level 9 you need to build the ladders 2 up you cant climb the ladders try this before post XD

2017-04-15 04:33

+3 aretrymdtfuytrge good map

2017-04-15 03:26

+1 Dinoboy7705 First because im a scrub- Good map

2017-04-14 02:27


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