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Equinox Parkour

Created by warfcat

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Map Info:
Welcome to the Equinox parkour, this isn't any ordinary parkour map. This map has many obstacles and checkpoints that will provide tons of excitement to the player. Occasionally there is some command blocks talking to the player, annoying them with funny quotes. When you spawn you have the choice of selecting the (Easycore) or the (Hardcore) course to run through. Both are not to be considered "easy". So, you think you have what it takes to make it through?-Download now! 

Map Details

Creator: warfcat
(18 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 304 KB
Added: 2013-02-02
Downloads: 42,888
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Aindriu1802 Good job, 8/10 :)

2018-02-09 22:18

+1 bluePearl Great map had loads of fun playing it. keep up the great work warfcat!

2015-08-09 01:51

+2 RKPlays good map except it was way to easy it took me less than 10 mins, thats counting both sides! i can't wait to see more of your parkour maps (if you have any).

2015-01-25 13:33

-5 The Dude Quoting Dude:
What's the seed for this map?

He did a superflat world, then added the parkour platforms himself! 0.o

2013-04-15 21:39

-1 DoomKnight15 Really awesome parkour map. I enjoyed it alot.

2013-03-25 16:23

+4 Mineblox32300000 Really perfect map, i loved it. keep up the good job!

2013-03-01 03:14

+2 ledship I love the map thanks for making it, it was very fun


2013-02-22 21:36

+2 SirJusters Very Good map well done Warfcat enjoyed playing it.... well attempting to play it.

2013-02-18 19:46

-2 SirJusters I suck at Parkour.....

oh god.....

2013-02-18 19:45

0 Tra_kad Um, I think I may be too good at this...
I completed BOTH tracks in under 15 mins.

2013-02-17 19:21

+4 PrincessZiva I've made a playthrough of it. i really started raging after a while. anyways i love the parkour it was fun. Also it won't be uploaded untill tomorrow.
that's my channel if you want to check it out when it's up

2013-02-16 23:37

+8 dasta12345 great map, enjoyed it very much. i think that the hard one, was easier because of the flying mushrooms that were almost impossible. :P

2013-02-07 02:40

+2 warfcat Quoting Dude:
What's the seed for this map?

What do you mean, its a regular flatland map. Located in the presets when you go to make the map, make it a superflat world.

2013-02-07 01:00

-15 Dude What's the seed for this map?

2013-02-06 04:46

+5 warfcat Quoting noobinator456:
Great map! Very well made. I'm doing a playthrough of it on YouTube, if you wanna check it out :)

Of course:D Make sure to check out my new map called "Deadlock, The Journey Begins" - adventure map

2013-02-06 02:21

+2 Parkourguy Really good map mabye you could add stages... it took me 20 minutes to do both, because of the "one of these buttons will take you to the bed" bit. still good map

2013-02-04 19:41

+6 noobinator456 Great map! Very well made. I'm doing a playthrough of it on YouTube, if you wanna check it out :)

2013-02-04 04:24

+6 warfcat Good job! lol it took me forever because i kinda suck? i always wasted all my time on the mushroom part:D

2013-02-03 01:56

-9 Playlist good map, did it in 30 mins.

2013-02-03 00:28


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