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Dimension Parkour

Created by Hielke external

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Map Info

Dimension Parkour takes you on an amazing parkour journey through all three Minecraft dimensions. Can you complete the parkour and defeat the Ender Dragon at the end? Come find out!

  • Many different level themes!
  • Easy parkour that is fun for everyone!
  • Multiplayer friendly!
  • 10 Easter eggs to find!
  • Ranking system for added replayability!

Please Note:
This map is only for Minecraft: Java Edition.
If you want to play it on Bedrock Edition (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Mobile, Win10), you can get it on the Minecraft Marketplace


Map Details

Creator: Hielke external
(850 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 5.8 MB
Added: 2020-01-29
Downloads: 52,588
Category: Parkour Maps

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+15 kaiyger did this get taken off the realms minigames? is there a way to get it back? i loved this game but i cant play it there with my friends anymore unless im doing something wrong

2021-07-21 22:39

+6 love you best map ever i love you

2021-06-16 00:01

+52 Milocraft123 hi bro this is the best map in the world(:

2020-08-07 13:48

+17 JakeMcCawBro Absolutely LOVED this map! Played it on my Youtube channel and loved every second of it. I am new to Minecraft parkour and this map challenged me without being infuriating. Exceptional job.

Here's my video:

2020-07-12 00:11

+17 wafflefries1 I loved this map! The jumps flowed so well and it was so clear where you had to jump. Very fun map :)

2020-07-10 03:44

+9 Optinyx After you broke the end crystals what do you need to do then?

2020-07-09 11:04

+6 Dang Wang I played this map a few days ago with two friends and it was genuinely a lot of fun to play. There weren't any parts that were stupidly difficult to do, but I wouldn't say it's easy. It's also very nice looking and very well built, and I loved the concept of sometimes going back through parts of levels you already used, like using the same slime blocks for two different jumps. Overall, very good map and I'd highly recommend this to anybody who wants to spend an hour or so goofing off with their pals, or anybody who wants to just play a very nice looking and high quality parkour map.

2020-06-22 16:38

+11 Katlima Solid map. I played it and I had a good time.

And there's a lot of map.

The design is aesthetically very pleasing and diverse, while still sticking to a theme. It's polished and also very consistent in its difficulty level. An average player will be able to finish the map. Checkpoints are plenty, as are slime jumps.They are fun though, because the platforms are large enough.

2020-06-22 06:38

+8 Pseudo Elephant Hello! Just played the entire map and I want to say great job! Everything flows so well together and it is also incredibly easy to read (which is super good), I can tell a lot of effort went into this map!

I did get one tiny issue though, I don't know if its a bug or if that is how it actually played (but it definitely felt like a bug). When I finally destroyed the last crystal to defeat the ender dragon nothing happened. The health-bar went to zero but I just stood there. Idk if that intended. Anyways for more details, I was in adventure mode (I changed it myself at the very beginning of the map as I started in survival) so and I was also playing with a friend :D

Anyways everything else was great and overall it was an excellent parkour map! Congratulations on such a well crafted adventure! :D

2020-05-26 00:32

+5 ATrailBlazer Fantastically flawless and exciting map! Hielke's "Dimension Parkour" is a uniquely amazing parkour map which finds ways to make small areas long, while also retaining the elements of a true parkour map, keeping it fun, entertaining, and leaving the player satisfied which I can surely say that I am. I was able to finish in twenty five minutes, which I am proud of. Hielke is my favorite map creator with a long list of reasons why. Keep up the great work, Hielke, and if you finished, great job. If not, don't give up!

2020-05-11 04:02

This is AWESOME! Great work!

2020-04-29 03:52

+44 Dunkacino Really awesome map! I am a parkour noob and this helped me to practise! Favorite parkour map. Also i liked the dragon battle very much it's very creative

2020-04-27 05:49

+4 Thosquey Very good map, the best one I played so far. Well done!

2020-04-11 13:34

+7 Mastermage Cool Map but boi does it have Performance issues

2020-04-08 17:13

+3 Loderf Exelent map perfect for playing with friends.

2020-04-02 18:11

+7 Nickiosaurus I can't even. Your maps are ALWAYS the best. The parkour is fast, clean, fluid, and aesthetically pleasing. The maps are is so well laid out that I think there should be live, blind speedruns when the map is first released. I think that would be a great Twitch event!

I can't even have a complaint, so this is more of a suggestion: Add an actual timer.
I know you have calculations in the datapack to do it. (Although maybe don't loop addition/subtra ction, just do multiplication/ divide and then use the remainder to calculate it all in one tick, that may be why the time is only displayed at the end, does it take too long to calculate?)

2020-03-07 21:02

+7 Naruto Awesome map with easy parkour but extreme ampunts of fun!!! Good JOB HIELKE! also is there an S rank and from what time is it?

2020-03-07 19:06

+6 Kimaul It was a great and fun map to play ! Thanks for making such great maps, Hielke ! I beated it in 1649 seconds trying to speedrun it. Do you think it could be really better or it is a great time for a first try ?

2020-02-25 17:12

+6 Silverama61 Too Easy map. Only 2 hours i meet to complete this beautiful but easier map on Minecraft. Hielke is great!

2020-02-24 14:56

+7 Patrik171204 Very good map :) Recommend for everyone because its pretty easy :)

2020-02-15 17:05

+6 funkmonk9999 Good map, you can run the entire map, only got lost and had to stop once or twice. Took me about 28 minutes to beat.

2020-02-13 20:41

+3 Nima it was a really good map and i had so much fun i really liked the creativity of your mind thats what i call parkour in minecraft , i hope you make the second version

2020-02-10 21:24

+2 Keagie Very fun and well designed parkour map. Got a bunch of friends together to play this map for a few days, and I currently sit at a time of 993. I had a lot of fun discovering skips in this map and racing against friends. (this map functions perfectly with other people as long as two people don't need the ender dragon fight at the same time.)

2020-02-05 20:16

+3 CharlieETN4 Saw this map on the marketplace and was so excited to play this with my friends!!! This is a great map overall and I absolutely recommended it!!!

2020-02-02 23:00

+5 Th3_Pr0 The easter eggs are so hard to find, i found 2/10. I was wondering if there was a way to got hint.

2020-02-02 22:07

+1 Tallied Super fun and a great map. This map creator is super good. Great Game!

2020-02-01 15:58

+5 snowcoal Very easy, but I put some fast music on and held sprint and had a great time playing this

2020-02-01 07:29

+6 Connor Leung_ A really cool map for me and my friends to play! love your map!! i will recommend this map to my friends!:)The difficulty is pretty great as well! looking forward of your next map! LOVE!

2020-02-01 05:23

+6 Shane McDonald Had a lot of fun playing both casually and then challenging myself to play better and find small shortcuts. Best time was 19'22". Wondering if there's an S rank category as I thought I might make it after 20 minutes had been broken.

2020-02-01 03:42

+5 Some Guy I always hated parkour, it was so boring and repetitive... But this map showed me that parkour can be so much fun! This map looks so good and the gameplay is nice too. Best parkour map I've ever seen - 10/10

2020-01-30 12:33


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