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Christmas Jumps

Created by nerd0101

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Christmas. Its an amazing holiday, but what could make it better? Minecraft of course :D

Christmas Jumps is a Christmas themed minecraft parkour map where all you have to do is complete all 25 levels.

However, you may experience some difficulty, as the parkour in each level is not obvious.

The parkour is usually natural, containing snowy trees, buildings, presents and much more!

There are a variety of jumps that you can have fun (or rage) on.

There is a hidden present in each of the 25 levels! Try to find them all.


  • Don't cheat; this is not a difficult map!
  • Don't go outside the map, as there is no point!
  • Play with friends; this map supports multiplayer.
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  • Make sure you have the right settings (below)
  • Watch the trailer
  • Have fun!


  • Difficulty: 0
  • Render Distance: 12+
  • Gamemode: 2
  • Particles: ALL
  • Brightness: MOODY
  • Sounds: ALL (except music)


Map Details

Creator: nerd0101
(299 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 31 MB
Added: 2017-12-22
Downloads: 4,264
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 Snarlingdust447 Whats The Cords?
Im runing this on a server

2018-12-24 14:14

0 It5meSam This is a great map! i love the builds on all the levels and the decorations.

I only have 2 complaints:
1. There are waaaaaaaaaay too many entities. you shouldn't need that many armor stands and AEC's for one map.
2. the level design or path should be more clear as to where you're supposed to go as I found it a bit difficult to navigate where I was supposed to go.

Other than that great map!

2017-12-23 18:15

+2 alien_detonator I found 26 presents XD

2017-12-23 13:07

0 HemiYT what is version of this map?

2017-12-23 08:36

+2 Split Shot This is one of the best maps I have ever played! AMAZING JOB nerd0101

2017-12-23 08:24


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