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Blockception Parkour

Created by TheblueMan003 external

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Map Info

A parkour map inside a giant Crafting Table made out of Blocks which are also made out of block.

That's basically inception but with blocks. This map also have effect blocks such as:

  • Jump Boost (Blue Concrete)
  • Speed (Lime Concrete)
  • Slow falling (Gray Concrete)

Difficulty: Easy

Estimate Time to complete: 20-30 minutes



  • Ported to 1.16.2
  • Added a Timer & Death Counter


Map Details

Creator: TheblueMan003 external
(362 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.2
Size: 4.8 MB
Added: 2020-05-29
Downloads: 9,412
Category: Parkour Maps

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+2 Zesangli Please don't put so many functions, they are lagging my minecraft like crazy. Can't you just build it?

2020-08-21 09:51

0 dunkaccino its so lag when i go near the special blocks

2020-07-13 07:19

+1 OrangeMarshMallo 2/5 stars; good idea, good concept, poor execution. So much lag when there shouldn't be. Every time a new section would be entered there would be a lag spike and my frames would get cut in half, lagging me out, and then mistiming the jump. Every time a new status effect would be applied there would be a random 1x2 area of blocks that drop the frames and then made me miss the jump. The slime blocks are jacked up as every slime I hit in this map would kill me instantly unless I completely let go of the keyboard. The lag is unreal in this map and cancels all the momentum needed to make the required jumps.

2020-07-01 18:15

+3 Dvd Why this map is blocking?

2020-06-30 19:00

+1 Makers im stil lag in the same moment of map

2020-06-23 20:52

+3 From me I hope this game is really fun because I didn't start playing yet!

2020-06-22 06:12

0 Dang Wang The map is pretty good but certain sections have absolutely absurd amounts of lag at the beginning, which makes it unplayable.

2020-06-20 02:49

+3 Josh cute little map, enjoyable scenery as well

2020-06-18 04:34

+1 Isaac I cant bounce high enough to go to the next level.

2020-06-16 20:01

+6 _NoVa_CoOKie OMG This map is so incredible, a decent challenge, very seamless and fun parkour. The MAP IS MESMERIZING!

2020-06-15 23:41

0 Kestrel serious lag at edge of the every chunk in i5-9400f

2020-06-11 18:08

+1 BigDaddyGaming dont make a floor of barrier blocks. its incredibly laggy

2020-06-03 09:40

+6 Parkour&Redstone Best parkour map I played yet!

2020-05-31 15:32

+4 FunnyDiamond589 This map is good but my friend and I keep freezing so we can't make the jumps and the jump boost doesn't work half the time

2020-05-30 17:59


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