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Block Breaker

Created by _builder3000_

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Map Info:
Do you like polished, parkour/puzzle maps? This one will test the nerves out of you, featuring 20 levels ranging from easy to hard as well as an alternate game mode. You can even access a level editor to please your creative urges!

In this game, you use a trusty carrot-on-a-stick to destroy sea lanterns in a small area around you. You will also encounter special blocks that will either help or do the exact opposite between you and the end of the level.


  • 20 levels with increasing difficulty
  • A secret level
  • 6 unique blocks with effects
  • Tower mode
  • 10 achievements with interesting rewards
  • A level editor
  • Upcoming infinite mode, level saving in the editor and more!

This map is for singleplayer only.

Estimated gameplay duration: 2 hours.

Make sure to check out the in-game guides and tutorials to familiarize with the gameplay, as well as other specifications for youtubers.

_builder3000_ - Map creator and programmer.
Rektangle1337 - Level creator and tester.


Map Details

Creator: _builder3000_
(71 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 488.88 KB
Added: 2016-02-13
Downloads: 3,326
Category: Parkour Maps

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