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Blazing Hot

Created by 5uperTrinity

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Map Info:
Blazing Hot is a single player parkour map with an addicting and unique parkour track!


  • Unique parkour track.
  • A system that records your time.

Before You Play:

  • Make sure you are playing on 1.8.
  • If playing on a server, turn command blocks on.

The Youtuber Rule:
Blazing Hot is meant to be a challenging, short parkour map. To keep it interesting, make sure that if you record this for Youtube that you nominate 1>3 other youtubers to beat your time!

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Map Details

Creator: 5uperTrinity
(12 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 890 KB
Added: 2014-10-05
Downloads: 34,558
Category: Parkour Maps


TapirMoose Really fun map! Enjoyed it thoroughly. Though I'm not very good at it, haha. Also ended up recording it and uploading it to YouTube! :D

2015-03-26 23:10

Ginger Spice Very refreshing, my best score so far is around the 60-70 mark. You should make more, because I know lots of people your map style not just me!

2014-12-25 10:30

eMente hey, I recorded this map, it's in spanish, just wanted u to know c:
it's right here, if you want to take a look

2014-12-08 15:13

GoodMap Well done good map. Best Score (SO FAR): 106

2014-12-06 13:44

smackathanftw good parkour map love the different blocks. I recorded it on youtube if you want to see my youtube is smackathnftw

2014-11-18 00:27

TheMadMillenium After several attempts at a speed-run, the lowest score I found you can get in this map is 26.

If anyone beats that, then you are impressive.

And that says a lot.

2014-11-15 17:56

zbslayer585 my best score:144 it was also just my second try! my first try was 600 something though

2014-11-09 13:02

Tuxman32 Great map i really enjoyed playing it 7 times you should make a Burning Hot 2


2014-11-02 21:34

5uperTrinity Quoting Cool Redstone Guy:
How did he make that you don't take fall damage?

You do. I just made it so you are give an effect of instant health all the time so you don't die, just hold down E to see :)

2014-10-30 05:02

Cool Redstone Guy How did he make that you don't take fall damage?

2014-10-28 19:16

BaconGuy Awesome map it's just that it lags... a lot. You have to stand on the blocks for at least 3 seconds before it finally applies the effect... still unique map so 8.5/10!

2014-10-27 19:47

chriso321 i started with a score of 245 then it eventually after 2 hours went to 33 and i was like 0.0 how? to do it you need to cut corners, no mistakes and keep calm but awesome map keep it up!

2014-10-25 07:23

TheDonDon Hey I recently played through your map and I had a lot of fun with it! I am really bad at parkour but had fun nonetheless. I loved the idea of the color coordinated powers.

I did a quick video of my endeavors if anybody is interested:

Thanks for the map my friend, I hope to see more from you!

P.S. I got 336 seconds for my first time(told you I was bad) best score of 133 :)

2014-10-20 04:15

iruleoverkittens Wow. This is the best parkour map I've ever played! :D P.S. I am horrible at parkour...

2014-10-17 02:38

SupremeScrub My Score is 35

2014-10-10 23:26

I didn't used cheats! TOTAL legit.

2014-10-09 23:35

Shakey Sean Het, Love this map but i suck at all parkour maps sooooooo, here are my sucky parkour skillz. Plus i nominate ThegamingYoshi1 23 and Friction Dice

2014-10-09 11:43

Annonymous Great map with a unique idea.

My Score: 44 :D

2014-10-09 04:37

Somebody Another great parkour map. Really unique idea too.

My score: 96

2014-10-08 06:28

? Wow. Excellent map.

2014-10-05 19:56


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