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350 Levels - The Longest Parkour In Minecraft

Created by Evilcow

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Map Info

This map is fit with 7 zones each 50 levels that add up to be 350 levels total.

The map gets more and more difficult as you progress and has a variety of parkour jumps.

The map also has a built in timer to help speedrunners or anyone who is interested in speedrunning the map.

The map took weeks to make so I hope you all enjoy!

Unzip the folder and put it in your saves folder!


Map Details

Creator: Evilcow
(444 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 8.2 MB
Added: 2021-01-23
Downloads: 3,324
Category: Parkour Maps


+7 Gurmeet We can play this in multiplayer with timers every 10 levels

2021-01-31 05:06

+7 ewaae Quoting ShrekFan10:
Can this be played in Multiplayer?

me and my friend play it together:D he download this map and open it for lan:) they I just connect to him

2021-01-30 20:24

+11 MrBigGloop75 This glass pane jump (stage 7) was a real pain compared to all the other jumps in this map. Still recommend 8/10

2021-01-30 12:03

+8 Rafhaël Can you play this map with 2 players?

2021-01-30 11:03

+16 ShrekFan10 Can this be played in Multiplayer?

2021-01-29 02:01


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