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15 Shapes Of Snakes 2

Created by CrazyBuilders

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Map Info

15 Shapes of Snakes 2 is a parkour map where you have to parkour through 15 snakes!

The goal is to reach the end of all the snakes and beat the map.

→ WARNING! Level 14 and 15 are the hardest! ←

Have fun and enjoy!

If something is not working correctly, try re-installing the map. Thank you.

This is the last map for this series by CrazyBuilders.

"Are you a ninja? 2" is coming soon!


If you are a youtuber and you are recording this map, be sure to give the download link in the video description and if you can, tweet me (ALEX_CY) or leave the link of the video in the comments below!

Have fun and thanks for downloading! -CrazyBuilders


  • ERISxLefteris



Map Details

Creator: CrazyBuilders
(120 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 647 KB
Added: 2016-07-17
Downloads: 5,322
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Syncbex Start button dont work

2016-09-07 14:54

0 Enduinn Hey! I played your map and uploaded it too (I played the first one).

2016-09-02 01:49

+1 PurpleWizard This was the first map I played by you guys, and I loved it! The map wasn't too hard or too easy. Just one suggestion though. On your next map, you should do the command /gamerule showCommandFeed back false. This way it won't show Block Placed whenever you hit the restart button. Other than that it was a great map and well polished! Nice job.

2016-08-18 14:54

0 TheXug The start button won't work for me either?

2016-08-18 12:07

+1 eytienne Very good parkour map, it's fun, colored, not too hard, I love it.

2016-08-03 12:18

+2 ixADDIExi The start button wont work for me

2016-07-20 17:46

+2 An Impressed Person Wow! this is the best snake map I've ever played big step up from your last map.

2016-07-18 17:12

+2 Sam Yo man great map! It was like a puzzle map mixed with a parkour one! I felt level 13 was harder than 14 and 15 combined, but thats just cuz I suck at fence parkour! You should try ladder parkour next time! I made a one hour video that I will upload in 3 parts of 20 mins each (minus the time edited out of each) on my youtube channel called SamIam www[dot]youtube[dot]co m[slash]c[slash ]Shamik07MC and I asked my 750 to 800 subs to go show you guys some love as it was a great map! There were some minor glitches but otherwise it was pretty awesome :) Keep making maps man I hope to play come more :)

2016-07-18 12:36

+3 TheTrickeyWizard Its a really creative game and its like a puzzle as you go because you need to figure out where to go next. Good job.

2016-07-18 00:07

+1 ALEX_CY We would like to inform you that the "Lime Stained Glass" in our map gives you jump boost, the "Purple Stained Glass" gives you levitation, those 2 are same with our previous snake map and we added a new block, the "Light Grey Stained Glass" which gives you slowness.
Thank you for downloading and playing the map! =)


2016-07-17 20:25


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