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10 Minute Parkour 2.0

Created by FantomLX, iWacky

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In the race against the clock, see how many levels you and your friends can finish in 10 Minutes.

Created by FantomLX, iWacky, and Tiliba.

This map is also available on Minecraft Realms!


  • Includes custom block effects
  • 10 Minute Mode: 10 Minutes to complete as many levels as possible.
  • Freeplay mode: Play all the levels you want with no time constraint
  • Many different options to change up your game such as Random Levels, Skip Levels, Show Time and Invisibility
  • 101 different levels that all have a special twist.


Is this map multiplayer? Yes it is.

Do I need to download any resource packs? No you do not.

Will this work on my server? Plugins such as Bukkit or Spigot may interfere with the map. Make sure command blocks are on.

How is this different from original 10 Minute Parkour? Many new features added! Also almost all of the levels are completely different or very much edited.


NOTE: If you are recording this you must give credit and link the map in the description, thanks.

Creator: FantomLX https://twitter.com/FantomLX
Creator: Tiliba https://twitter.com/TheTiliba
Creator: iWacky https://twitter.com/iWackyMinecraft

So many different people helped with this map, and I thank all of them.


Map Details

Creator: FantomLX, iWacky
(457 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 4.6 MB
Added: 2017-02-10
Downloads: 28,598
Category: Parkour Maps


+3 willcaddy If anyone is having trouble finding the start (if it doesnt take you there immediately when you load it up), it is at x: 512 y:5 z:512.


2017-12-20 19:13

+8 nihao I can't found the start playing located and used version 1.11.2

2017-07-14 16:45

+18 nihao I can't found the start playing located

2017-07-14 16:44

+9 It5meSam Nice Job on the Map!

2017-02-10 20:51

+7 Riccardo257 That's fantastic! I also played "10 Minute Parkour" 1.0 and it was beautiful.

2017-02-10 15:09


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