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Haunted Hay Maze

Created by Twixterz

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Map Info:
This map is both a maze and survival map. You spawn above the maze inside of a pumpkin, there will be instructions on how to play. You can choose to play this up to 4 players.

After you gear up you may start the maze. you click the button and you teleport to the starting point.

Throughout the map there are 3 buttons and a lever each one opens a gate. You only need to open one but need to then find what gate you have opened.

Once you have made it past the gate and have not died you will go inside the pumpkin. There is a door under his mouth. There will be waiting cool stuff, such as a working disco floor? what else could be inside?

It's time for you to find out!

Map Details

Creator: Twixterz
(164 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 977 KB
Added: 2015-10-30
Downloads: 19,879
Category: Maze Maps


+2 Guest This was an excellent maze. For a little while, I thought I had to open all the gates to open the big pumpkin before realizing you only had to open one. There was three issues. The first was that at one part of the maze you can hop onto a one high hay bale and just go across the top of the maze. There is a barrier around center to prevent going into the pumpkin part until you have a gate open, but the invisible blocks should have been all the way around to prevent it. Second, sometimes they give you things in chests, like torches, and you cannot place them or any items. There should have been something so you could at least use the torches when it becomes night. Third, creepers blew up everything. This was actually not a big deal. I liked the fact I could see I had already been there by a creeper hole exploding the hay. But, if a creeper blew up a button, then it would suck. Overall, I had a fun time playing!

2016-03-04 19:20

+2 Largerobocolby Great map I had a fun party at the end!

2015-12-02 17:43

+2 Freyr Created a server for friends to play on. No one spawned in the pumpkin and I was able to jump onto the maze. Nothing was working right :s

2015-11-02 00:11

+2 JoeCat17 Cool map, but I recommend doing /gamerule mobGriefing false. This will allow the creepers that spawn at the beginning to still explode and do damage, but their explosions just won't break blocks. Other than that, good map.

2015-10-31 16:01


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