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Dilly's Maze: An Adventurous Labyrinth

Created by Dilly_D

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Map Info:
Welcome to Dilly's Maze! It's a huge maze that contains all kinds of monsters, redstone contraptions, differently themed locations and various challenges.


  • TNT-Cannons
  • Huge mob arenas
  • Hard to solve puzzles
  • Hidden armor
  • Trap doors
  • Secret treasure locations
  • Redstone contraptions around every corner!

The maze is huge. There are a lot of different places to get to and to complete. Everytime you complete a certain part you will get closer to the overall goal: Reaching the end.

Amount of Players:
The map is created for single player, and therefore for the ultimate experience of the map I recommend playing on you own. Playing with more than one will make it possible to skip some parts, and might also result in some slight errors in the map. However, multiplayer won't result in it crashing and most of the map will not be changed by playing together.

Required Texturepack:
The map is supposed to be played with the resourcepack Ozocraft 1.7. I strongly recommend downloading and using it because without it the map will not look very nice.

Have fun playing!

Map Details

Creator: Dilly_D
(46 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 21 MB
Added: 2015-08-26
Downloads: 10,379
Category: Maze Maps


0 Someone I dont know if this is a new version but on the minecart section with the pink wool, it will not alllow me to place a minecart while on adventure mode. Unfortunately this makes the rest of the map unplayable :(

2021-09-09 19:43

+1 Asy I still cant find the lever combination tho but overall I really love this map!

2018-03-18 10:58

+1 TacoLover This was the most amazing map I've ever played!! Amazing work Dilly_D!! I have played a lot of puzzle maps and this one easily tops them all! Can´t believe it´s your first map..! Really looking forward to play your future ones!

2016-03-19 23:06

0 Anton Grove Quoting JoeyMcGuyver:
I'm stuck on the first wool and lever puzzle. any hints? I don't want to look up a video for fear of spoiling the rest of the map..

I have no idea. And i cant find any clues. I don't suppose you've found the answer by now, have you?

2016-03-01 20:41

+1 GreenMatius Finished and conquered. Very tricky - in a good puzzle map way. Great job Dilly!

2016-02-16 03:10

+1 Maya This map is amazing! Very hard, but a lot of fun to play! Good Job!

2016-01-31 16:41

+1 DaBigBoi21 best map ever. so good. it must have taken a long time

2016-01-18 00:18

-1 Dilly_D @joe

That's one hell of a compliment. Thank you so much!! This was the first map I've ever built and I have been lacking inspiration ever since I built it but I'll post it here if there are anymore works coming!

2016-01-07 23:12

-1 Dilly_D @Choi

I'm sorry but there is no solution for that. The instructions told you not to get out of the cart until it stood still for a reason. If you die you'll spawn at the start with your inventory intact so it shouldn't give to much trouble.

2016-01-07 23:09

+1 joe Best map on this website by a long shot. Even though it only took me about half an hour, all the puzzles were brilliant. Thank you so much Dilly_D

2016-01-04 19:45

-1 Choi I fell out of the minecart on the rail maze, the cart went back to the beginning now I'm stuck, what do I do?

2015-12-29 04:25

+1 JoeyMcGuyver Thanks!! That makes so much more sense!! I'm going to go try now!!

2015-12-28 23:53

0 Dilly_D The 'lever puzzle' isn't a puzzle at all. It's a code lock that has to be solved by a certain combination. So you have to find an image of this combination somewhere in the map, not solve a puzzle. If there aren't any hints for something and the logic you can make out of it seems very far-fetched, than that's probably the wrong way to go, and you should look somewhere else. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

2015-12-26 22:29

-1 JoeyMcGuyver I'm stuck on the first wool and lever puzzle. any hints? I don't want to look up a video for fear of spoiling the rest of the map..

2015-12-24 22:34

+1 Another Person This was extremely fun to play. The only annoying part was the rail maze, where the low ceiling kept giving suffocation damage.

2015-12-12 02:58

+1 GreenMatius Just started this map and loving it so far. Will be recording my attempt on YT. Appreciate if you (Dilly_D) could visit my channel and see how I fail miserably. Well done btw!

2015-11-23 15:36

+2 Dilly_D The best tip for if you're stuck is be creative. Think out of the box. If you still can't work it out on your own, there are a lot of videos on youtube of people playing the map. Just skip to the part at where you're stuck and watch them solve it. Hope this helps.

2015-11-08 19:13

-1 Somebody I was wondering: I am stuck on a part that seems impossible to beat. Do you have any guides or something to help me get through it?

2015-11-06 19:14

-1 Dilly_D Coming back on the question if you can play with two players: after seeing some duos play it I realized that a lot of things can be skipped if you play with 2. So I don't recommend playing with 2 players or more.

2015-10-13 18:43

-1 Dilly_D Hey! Thank you a lot. It's awesome to get some feedback. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm not building one at the moment. I might create one once I get cool ideas again though. I'm thinking about creating a co-op adventure map in which the same kind of challenges will exist, but you have to work together.

2015-10-13 18:41

0 Beianzeru This map is by far one of the hardest puzzle maps I have EVER played. Well done! Should I be looking forward to any new works soon?

2015-09-26 02:45

+3 MageCraft Hey! Wanted to give you a Thumbs up on the Map! I enjoy playing it! :D

2015-09-10 23:50

0 GekkePietor This map is super cool and awesome and stuff!

2015-09-09 09:33

-1 Dilly_D Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I just uploaded this level for fun and had no idea so many people where playing it! This is awesome. Yes you can play it with two people or even more.

Also, to the people who played it: Please let me know what you think!

2015-09-08 20:05

0 Dilly_D Yes you can! It's not specifically made for multiple players but it's certainly an option and perhaps even more fun!

2015-09-08 19:54

0 A person Can we play with 2 players?

2015-08-28 08:12


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