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Convoluted Hallways

Created by DeuxiemeCarlin

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Do you like mazes? 

If you do, then you've come to the right place! Over here, we've got 8 of em! Maybe even 9 if you're feeling up to it! They range in difficulty from easy to hard! Not too hard, though, because there have been complaints about my mazes being too difficult in past maps so I decided to tone it down a bit.

How do I know which ones are hard?

Well, I've attached a star-based rating to each of the mazes! One star means it's easier and five stars means it's harder! And if you still feel confused as to their difficulty, the color of the maze directly correlates to the difficulty! So green is harder than yellow, which is harder than orange, which is harder than red, so on and so forth. I'd recommend building your way up, so don't go for the hardest right away!

Can I record with this map?

Of course! Please at least credit me though, don't want another incident where I find out some big youtuber played my map a year after because they had neither my name nor the map name in the description. If I had a nickel for every time that happened, I'd have 10 cents. That's not a lot but it's unusual that it happened twice.

How long will this map take me?

Honestly that all depends on the person. Some people could take 20 minutes, others could take an hour. Either way, it's structured so that you don't have to do it all in one sitting if you don't want to! And you can always return to spawn if you need!

How do I know if I've already completed a maze?

The platform in front of the maze turns into gold blocks! That way, you know which ones you've done and you get a sense of accomplishment! It's a two-in-one deal!

Are there any rules I need to follow?

Well, I'd discourage cheating but it's fine if you need to. Also the aforementioned credit thing. Oh! And make sure your render distance is set to 20! Last but not least, have fun! Having fun is the goal of playing it!

Is that everything?

Yep! Now, good luck and have fun exploring these Convoluted Hallways!


Map Details

Creator: DeuxiemeCarlin
(54 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 3.5 MB
Added: 2020-08-09
Downloads: 2,506
Category: Maze Maps

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+2 TheRSC Level 9 has a couple of issues:

1: You cannot get to the end without breaking a block. You can only get to the vertical water section before you're stuck. That's due to a misplaced Black Concrete blocking the path. I had to use spectator mode to find the way after spending 10 minutes going in circles. (Another path is blocked off by Black Concrete when it shouldn't be but it's just a dead end and doesn't affect gameplay.)

2. There are some areas of flowing water in the water mazes at and beyond the beginning of the vertical water section that I don't believe should be there, one of which is when you enter the last section. It is very difficult to get past that without getting pushed backwards into the area just before it, causing you to get out of swim mode.

(Side question: Are we supposed to be playing in Creative Mode? xD)

Overall, awesome map!

2020-08-12 01:06

0 Best Name Ever This time I post the video here lol
Funny Map!

2020-08-11 17:46


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