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Created by GreenLenux

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Map Info:

Your name is Jack. You just returned after a day of work.
You feel weak.
You feel like someone is watching you.
You're afraid.

Wandering is a horror map where you play as Jack, a thirty year old man. Your adventure begins after returning from your working day.

A custom resource pack is included with the map, it should load automatically.


Map Details

Creator: GreenLenux
(242 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 12 MB
Added: 2015-10-29
Downloads: 33,186
Category: Horror Maps


+5 DinosAreLife Quoting hi:
What do you do after you have turned the lights off? nothing happens and I cant go to bed :/

Have you tried checking every room? It only works if you turn every light off, including the hallway lights.

2018-06-09 20:15

+1 LavaHunter Awesome Map I Loved Playing It! 10/10! Make some more Please

2018-06-06 17:14

+2 TheCraftingTable YT wow this map is awesome but papet is scream me but map is amazing
i am like a map i am jumpscrate i am played at night! i am give you star 10! thanks for map! next map: The Lost Soul III

2016-11-07 11:15

+1 hello, Its me! What do u do when u get in the cave, and in the water? I can't figure it out...
Btw This map is AMAZINGGG! Luv it so much!

2016-10-05 07:09

+7 MAPS R MY LIFE Map was very good, I would give 10/10. There was jumpscares but they did not blow out your freaking eardrums like on other maps. I really liked the gangham style part that was on point. Ur easter eggs were perfect. Good map, would play again.

2016-08-07 16:06

+1 Zozo Aro This is the best map I have played till now. Thank you for your perfect work I will download the next map The Lost Soul III !

2016-05-08 10:40

-6 GreenLenux2 This is so many Jump scares! Try not when you under 15 Age are!
Also you are so be scared!

2016-03-12 20:38

+3 Kyokun Hey. I played this map with my friend (we smashed the command blocks making the multiplayer playing impossible, they're outside of the starting room next to two hoppers and a comparator) and played the map on MULTIPLAYER. It works! It worked FINE. This map is playable in multiplayer. :)

2016-03-11 20:54

-2 hi What do you do after you have turned the lights off? nothing happens and I cant go to bed :/

2016-03-07 16:52

-1 TigerBlazeYT This map was great! Really got me at times!
Made a funny play through on it! Please check out the play through on it!

2016-03-05 04:34

-1 Mr_TheJ 5/5 just because of the gangnam style jumpscare XD best one ever.

2016-03-04 12:50

-1 SirOcelot SO SCARY i got stuck on this one part though and it got REALLY annoying

2016-02-24 22:43

-7 CuzImDesigner Not that scary, but nice map :)

2016-02-16 17:15

+1 SurpriseCyko Check out my video on this map!

2016-01-13 13:44

+6 hi im lol this map is sooo scary no joke im afried of every thing! great map a map with no lag great job make more maps like this :D

2016-01-09 03:56

+2 puppy lol nice map I love it so many jumpscares!!! I cant wait for the third one!!! even the start scared the heck out of me!!!keep up the good work bye!!

2016-01-07 00:59

0 BjorkiGamer Quoting GreenLenux:
Next Halloween ;)

Can't wait for the third one!!! also nice gangam style XDD

2016-01-06 16:11

-2 A Guy Quoting CreeperGamerYT:
He used a model creator thingy, and he chose the skin. your welcome

"Model creator thingy..? :\

2016-01-04 22:14

0 ProfessorTree Great map! One of the better ones that I've found!
This map relies mainly on jump-scares supported by an ominous setting, so pay heed.
I even felt it worthy enough for YouTube. :D
Here's the link if you're interested:

2016-01-04 03:42

-1 Wow Wow, VERY SCARY!!!!!! AHHHHHH!! I'm kidding. ;) Still, good and scary map! :)

2016-01-03 20:04

-1 bob good map, the upside down room was confusing and tried to open the chest then it suddenly worked. When is the lost soul lll coming out? want to play it ........

2015-12-28 14:59

+1 GreenLenux Quoting CreeperGamerYT:
when is the Lost Soul III coming out? this was a very good map! keep up the good work! #ImAwesome

Next Halloween ;)

2015-12-20 20:23

-1 TRIAD after get the peak you mQuoting Jackson:
Dood at the area where the captain that betrayed the crew the door next to that i'm pretty sure the pickaxe is supposed to be able to break the stone BUT IT CANT! PLEASE HELP ME IM STUCK NOW!

you most to go into the darkness you just walk and on your right you will see a flower you walk towards it and walk in the darkness on your left this time.

2015-12-17 04:37

+3 Coasterworks It was my second horror map and my first is grief. I realize that these are some of the scariest maps out there. I got quite scared on both and want a less scary one. Any recommendations ??? I don't want to be too scared

2015-12-12 22:49

-1 Will There is a typo. it is "feel" not "feal"

2015-12-10 07:19

+1 Tommy how do i get past the part with the upside down room? it wont open the chest D:

2015-12-07 22:40

-1 CreeperGamerYT Quoting GreenLenux:
Thank you very much :D

when is the Lost Soul III coming out? this was a very good map! keep up the good work! #ImAwesome

2015-12-07 00:18

+1 CreeperGamerYT Quoting someone:
How did you make that white guy????????????

He used a model creator thingy, and he chose the skin. your welcome

2015-12-07 00:16

0 CreeperGamerYT GreenLenux ill help you with your english. (im kinda bad at spelling) it is not cames, its came. thats all i can help you with :P also good map! the ending was kinda sad tho... HE LOST HIS EYES!!!! WHY?!?!?!?

2015-12-07 00:15

0 CreeperGamerYT GreenLenux this part makes no sence. the first book at the last page says They are knocking on the door. i think there fin. What does that mean? even DanTDM thinks it makes no sence

2015-12-07 00:10


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