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Titan Research

Created by Skimantor

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Map Info

You play the role of Johnathan Adams, a middle-aged father who has recently lost his son due to an apparent abduction murder.

Having struggling financially and emotionally, you only take a couple days off then get back to work.

Now you need to complete your next commission.


  • 3D Models
  • Custom Ambiance
  • Custom Dialogue
  • Custom Monster
  • Intriguing Story


Multiplayer doesn't work with the map! It will ruin the commands, this is a one person map.

Also, turn your particles to minimal. Particles being on will ruin the models!


Map Details

Creator: Skimantor
(58 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 88.2 MB
Added: 2019-11-19
Downloads: 1,921
Category: Horror Maps


+3 Father William This was actually a very good map but it could be improved. The final part where he chases you in the carpark place, adding suspenseful intense music when he's close would make it so much scarier. He also stops chasing you really quick. Another thing is, this map was very well decorated but the models were a bit overused, i think making more models would help. Also, the retextured paintings were overused a bit and if youre planning on making more horror maps, i suggest not using them, because it feels like those paintings are in every horror map ever. Also heres a tip; if you make a model for a block (say a chair) and you put the item remodeled on an invisible armor stands head, you can place it anywhere and angle it however you like. You can probably search it up but its what I do to detail the map im making. overall i had a lot of fun in this map, the jumpscares were pretty predictable but still got me once or twice. You should also look into using armor stands more, you can do a lot of decorating with them. Id love to see more from you, this was really great.

2019-11-22 03:17

+1 Dimitri Meelker There is an out of bounce location at X10 Y63 Z165

apart from that Great Map!

2019-11-21 19:36

+1 Fallen__Legend Really enjoyed playing through the map and exploring the research center and it got a good twist too. Great Job!

2019-11-21 18:22

+1 anderssee i actually very enjoy your map, especially the amount of detail u put into it. But the chest room part is very tricky to get into the next elevator without a clear path. Just mentioned it. Keep up the good work!

2019-11-21 02:47

+1 some guy This map isn't terrible, but there were some problems. For example, when I pressed the "start" button, nothing happened, so I had to break out of the lobby and put the redstone block where it was supposed to go. There was also that weird chest room that made you navigate it like a maze. I got stuck in that room and I had to go on creative to continue on. Overall, I'd give this map a 5/10, because it did have a few good scenes and had some good builds.

2019-11-20 19:41

0 Nemu Day XX, it has been thousand of clicking on the button and the map doesn't still start...

2019-11-20 12:09

0 kenridgekoala Very well made map, made me jump alot, solid 4.5/5!

2019-11-20 10:42


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