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The Haunting of Lot 21

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Map Info

The Haunting of Lot 21... A horror map.

  • PLAY in 1.12.1 or 1.12.2 only.
  • One player map only.

Watch the Map Trailer Here (Made by Bleaker).

Watch Walkthrough by ThaDaddie & ThaTweetie

Watch Walkthrough by Bleaker

IMPORTANT... OPTIFINE for 1.12.1 or 1.12.2 is required to play this map - If you don't want to use optifine, I wouldn't advise downloading the map.

The Story...

You are a special agent, and you work for paranormal investigations, you have been

called in to investigate some strange phenomena that has been occurring at lot 21.

So you take the company boat and head off on your Journey, or do you?

Additional Info

WARNING... This map has lots of jumpscares..

This map has a full walkthrough guide, located in the map for players who are lost or stuck on a puzzle.

Render Distance must be set to 11 at all times.

If the texture pack did not load properly, download it from the link-on this page, this map will make no sense without it.


Please don't repost this texture pack without permission..

-Every room has been fully detailed, from hallways to graveyards to bedrooms, and every block in the map has been retextured or made into a model..

Game Time.. Anywhere between 45 to 60 mins gameplay, depending on the player...

Map Features

  • Custom music and sound effects...
  • High resolution Texture Pack that automatically loads with the map...
  • Custom Animated 3d models
  • Fully interactive map, Right click on items...
  • Amazing Cutscenes..
  • Animated textures and blocks..
  • Retextured items
  • Lots of jumpscares
  • Custom colored books and text..
  • Custom colored items..
  • Scripted events.
  • 1000's of command blocks used
  • Heaps of clone blocks used


  • Follow a story.
  • Explore a creepy mansion.
  • Use a flashlight in the dark.
  • Climb ropes.
  • Find keys and passcodes.
  • Fight retextured mobs..
  • Solve some puzzles.
  • Push blocks to enter new areas.
  • Crawl through ventilation Ducts.
  • Place gems to open doors.
  • Get really scared.


  • Credit goes to MrCrayfish for his model creator.
  • Credit to freesound for their royalty free music.
  • Credit to DL Sounds for their royalty free music.


- Added a map to the mansion, made the end better, added more clues in the text, fixed some other issues.

- Added some barrier blocks, where I noticed some youtubers could leave the map, breaking it.



2018-03-31 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Mick_5 external
(669 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
File Size: 294 MB
Date Added: 2018-03-31
Downloads: 13,787
Map Category: Horror Maps

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