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Teatime with Mr. Spider

Created by Nusrachel

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Map Info

Welcome to Teatime with Mr. Spider!

Can you appease your host's hunger before he returns home? You better act swiftly! Otherwise, you're staying for dinner...

This map includes:

  • Custom textures, drawn by hand;
  • Custom sound effects and music (credits and attribution in-game)
  • Hungry spiders;
  • Jumpscares.

This is a short horror-themed escape room inspired by the podcast The Magnus Archives.
You don't need to listen to the podcast to enjoy this map.

This is a single-player map. It won't work properly if there are other players present.

Content warning:
* Spiders
* Eyes (scopophobia)
* Jumpscares
* Loud noises

If you have any feedback or question, please comment on the map's Planet Minecraft page; I'll have a better chance at seeing it there than here! :)


- Made the way to the "victory room" more obvious.
- Remodelled smooth stone slab as trapdoor.
- The Book Thief ending no longer unlocks the "victory room".


Map Details

Creator: Nusrachel
(181 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 23.3 MB
Added: 2021-05-16
Downloads: 23,852
Category: Horror Maps


+25 Error What are you supposed to give him, we tried every single item we could find (even the mysterius book) and he just didnt like it

2021-05-17 16:25

+4 lollieJasminne it was kinda short but it was cool especially resource pack, clock sound at the backround was amazing! i liked that it was just a little bit short

2021-05-17 14:40

+3 Player This was good but way too short. Hope you add to it in the future.

2021-05-17 03:31

+7 fedham Tried for about an hour to figure out what the spider wanted, even looked at the fandom page for the episode but couldn't figure it out. I've tried giving him cake, placing the book on the plate, knocking on the door, etc. Was going to make a vod about it but not sure if I want to considering I didn't figure out how to beat it.

2021-05-17 02:04

+5 Smokey Just finished playing this map and it is amazing! The textures, music, story, intensity, everything!

2021-05-16 23:57


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