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St. Josephine's

Created by Awesome_1

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In this Horror Map, you take on the role of John Daniels, a lawyer commissioned to retrieve the paperwork inside the foreclosed St. Josephine's Experimental Research Facility. After some exploration, you begin to discover the dark secrets that lie inside.

A psychological horror with several jumpscares, puzzles, parkour elements, cutscenes, the latest command block effects, a light show, and a deep storyline to drive it all along.


  • For 1-4 Players.
  • Uses custom resource pack (included in download).
  • Gameplay 45-60 mins.
  • Optifine recommended.

Map Details

Creator: Awesome_1
(293 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 76 MB
Added: 2015-07-03
Downloads: 77,651
Category: Horror Maps


+4 ShadowFire Loved it! Would love to see a movie being made out of this it would be amazing! Keep it up and good work

2019-06-11 07:02

+4 DannyGaming212 Dude should make a actual video game out of your map! Oh by the way can you show me a layout of the map?

2019-02-13 01:22

+5 Doggie Pretty fun map! Through the ending cut scene ended up not occurring. I ended up back at spawn instead the trial after the taser scene.

2017-04-11 00:12

+5 Nicole Whenever I go into the map without the texture pack I can see stuff, but when I put the texture pack on I can't see anything. I even tried the trouble shooting and it still didn't work. Any help?

2017-04-09 20:15

+8 Toadbert This map was really well done! The setting, horror and gameplay really worked well in a nice balance. The redstone all worked properly, your use of particles was really clever and the cutscenes were awesome, I've never seen anything like that before. The credits scene was also so unexpected, I loved it.

The only thing I can say that detracted from it was the fourth wall breaks, like the text saying "sorry your exit is in another castle", but otherwise this was a lot of fun to play and I'd recommend it to others.

2017-02-03 07:23

+3 SAA_1929112 can someone please tell me how to turn on the flash light?? PLEASE!

2017-01-09 03:53

-7 Fred071202 Hey! I played your map. You can watch my reactions below if you want:


2017-01-01 21:21

+3 SparkTree Omg!! I had to QUIT it was so scary!! I luv this map! I cant beleive how good this was!!!! 100000000000000 /10

2016-07-02 07:49

+2 Happy_Kid3455 I love this map so much! Every single part was filled with horror or mystery: The plot was genius, the setting was perfect, the scares were great, and the texture was amazing. You can tell how much effort was put into it and it paid off! Thanks again for the wonderful map!

2016-06-11 20:32

+1 BlackBloodWolf Quoting ZachAce12:
Can someone explain to me how to get this to work with a multiplayer server? Because i just cannot figure this out, and i even had command blocks turned on, but still spawn somewhere random and the stuff doesnt work.

There is a way, but i heard its recommended not to and that game could crash easy.

2016-05-06 22:10

+1 hashtagPinoy This is the first horror map I've played. Seems like fun, I'm gonna use it on my server and record it in a few weeks. :D

2016-04-10 20:55

+1 PumpkinFly That was an amazing map, I played with a friend and nothing was broken. It's rare to find a map as well made as this, this one keeps you on edge the whole time. 10/10

2016-04-10 20:46

-1 ZachAce12 Can someone explain to me how to get this to work with a multiplayer server? Because i just cannot figure this out, and i even had command blocks turned on, but still spawn somewhere random and the stuff doesnt work.

2016-03-28 01:48

0 ZERO Man that music in phyco ward was absolutely awesome my heart was going to stop this best map i ever play

2016-03-09 07:54

0 Awesome_1 Quoting flyingnoodle123:
Hey, wait! This map is awesome! Are you...are you the creator of note.mc? :O


2016-02-05 12:51

-1 flyingnoodle123 Hey, wait! This map is awesome! Are you...are you the creator of note.mc? :O

2016-01-26 01:32

+2 Gremiosun Great Map!

2015-12-16 18:21

+3 MrKisiel One of the best maps I've ever played. Good job, Awesome_1. 11/10

2015-11-17 19:11

+1 Daniel /setblock 120 23 -84 redstone_block just trigger the cutscence, not the trial. What is the command to make it work probably?

2015-11-17 02:19

+2 Awesome_1 Quoting Freddle:
I have no Idea what to do, I'm stuck at 3 gates right after the town.

There is a key in one of the cabinets in Redsun inc. Hold to use.

2015-11-06 01:06

+3 EricEdster Love the map, really scary. That end was AMAZING. Wish you for the best for you future map you make.

Also made a video on it, for the people who wants to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QspmFb2PY8s

2015-10-27 09:23

+5 Freddle I have no Idea what to do, I'm stuck at 3 gates right after the town.

2015-10-18 21:33

+1 Alexander114298 Thanks dude. I understand. And I am already working on it. :D

2015-10-03 10:49

+1 Awesome_1 Alexander114298,
Both St. Josephine's and Grief Prologue contain specific instructions to not use any parts of the resource pack or map builds without direct permission from the creators, regardless of whether you put their name in it or not, and stealing other's work is not considered acceptable in the map making community.
That being said, I didn't post my comment thinking your map would be removed, as there is no requirement in the map submission page that states you must have built everything yourself. I just wanted to make my dissent known to you, that I noticed..
I am truly sorry for your map's removal, and I hope you can bring it back, after some sound, texture, and building removal.

2015-10-01 23:27

+1 Alexander114298 Hey Awesome_1.
I was going to put your name on my map as well. But you did not give me a chance and got my map instantly removed off the website when it taken me hours on hours to build....
So, in my opinion, yes. I did violate the rules but yet still, you did not give me the chance to make my map legal.

2015-10-01 06:42

+5 StephenFlagg Absolutely LOVED this map. Been a long time since a game made me jump out of my seat. Looking forward to more from you. My playthrough starts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmdhyKVj2ug&list=PLCiaWhAQYvEK_C02-dKsuZ5sXJ4YpvWUy&index=66

2015-09-12 14:21

+1 lieutenantsparks i got to the part were he calls security but he killed me, was i supposed to kill him? also now nothing in the map works anymore, i have none of the items anymore

2015-09-01 18:07

+7 VarietzHD I have just started to play the map and seriously man..Minecraft developed its horror side pretty nicely xD

Heres My First Episode: https://youtu.be/saPAi6AxGqU

like it xD

2015-08-30 02:39

+1 WillTheCrazy8 I think the map was good, but could of had more to it. Awesome job on the command blocks and jump scares! You should see me and my friends playthrough of the map, you'll like it! (8/10 )First Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzaFi5ADpBc

2015-08-23 17:32

+5 pipajk07 map is so cool i played it 5 times and i was scared all 5 times

2015-08-11 09:15


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