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Updated Maps

SCP: Blocktainment Breach

Created by Patkal and ___fizz___

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Map Info

Welcome to recreation of SCP: Containment Breach in Minecraft. Try to escape as a Class-D Personel from dangerous SCP Facility, which is currently on Containment Breach, because something went wrong. Run away from dangerous SCP subjects and from armed facility personel.

Map contains every SCP subject present in Containment Breach version 1.3.11 + removed ones, resource pack which is integral with map, most of the game mechanics and over 5800 Command Blocks! No mods required!
Map is on version 1.12.2 and was created by 2 people (Patkal and ___fizz___), the whole process of creation took 8 months and the map was tested by 15 people, including YouTubers, such as Battleforge and CavemanFilms.
We hope you'll enjoy our project and we wish you a lot of fun playing our map, we really worked hard for this and this is our final product (most likely).

For any questions join our Discord.

Thank you all for support :D


Update log 1.5.2:

New content:
- New item: S-Nav Ultimate
- Added 45 new Achievements to unlock
- New option to skip the introduction in lobby
- SCP-1162 can give you a Level 3 Key Card
- SCP-1025 now has entries in it
- Switched Level 3 Key Card for Level 4 Key Card in SCP-895
- A few changes in lobby
- SCP-457 puzzle hint is now easier to understand
- Added hints related to Super Secret Easter Eggs in Texture Room
- Added more sound effects to SCP-106 recontamination
- Other minor texture and gameplay improvements

Bug fixes:
- SCP-500 should remove all ailments every time
- Fixed bugs related to SCP-106 recontamination
- Other minor bug fixes



2019-07-08 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Patkal and ___fizz___
(430 votes)
Map Version: v1.5.2
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 (Java)
File Size: 95.7 MB
Date Added: 2019-07-08
Downloads: 59,410
Map Category: Horror Maps

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