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Satan's Work

Created by flyingnoodles

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Introduction (also found in beginning of the map, no need to read it off of here for YouTube playthroughs)

"In the early 2020s, a Minecraft map was released online by an anonymous creator. The map was called...Satan's Work.

It didn't take long for rumors to spread. Missing person cases spiked around the globe. Famous YouTubers who streamed playthroughs of the map were never to be seen again. But the map couldn't be deleted. Nothing could be done to eradicate its existence.

I haven't played the map myself, but I downloaded it. I added several warnings, telling people not to play, and then uploaded the edited version online. I beseech you not to play this map. Bad things will come to you."

Map Features

  • Creepy custom/animated textures
  • Ominous voice-acting
  • Chilling audio/music (all music is copyright free, can be used in YouTube playthroughs without concern)
  • Unsettling atmosphere/tension build-up
  • Frightening jump scares


  • No multiplayer/co-op, single-player only
  • Use headphones for the full immersive experience
  • The texture pack is already included in the map download
  • Additional rules description included in map
  • This map contains disturbing/scary content, not recommended for kids
  • Contains flashing lights and loud noises

Contact Info / Bug Fixes

If you encounter any problems with the map, or simply have map-related questions, you can reach me via:

But Most Importantly:

Have fun. ;)


Map Details

Creator: flyingnoodles
(119 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 60 MB
Added: 2021-03-12
Downloads: 9,991
Category: Horror Maps


-8 MrKisiel This map is a golden example how to NOT make horror maps. Nothing makes sense, gameplay feels like it's 2012 again, the "horror" factor is just author putting there random things he considers scary like redstone blood and some completely unrelated clown gifs. All dialogues are written in books because apparently /tellraw no longer exists.

Do not play this map. Not because it's CuRsEd and you'll die, but because it's simply a bad horror and a bad map in general.

2021-03-29 09:59

+3 Sam Good map, sucks that I died after playing it

2021-03-29 04:23

+1 RedTheWitherYT Nice map :)

2021-03-25 15:22

+3 BerryDeaf I thought you did a great of creating a very unsettling atmosphere in this map. I definitely got spooked a few times. I liked the intro a lot with all the warning signs. I thought the story was very creative and enticing.
Sadly I ignored all those warnings and made a video : https://youtu.be/mtlnCtiZ91A

Hope to see more from you!

2021-03-25 13:40

0 BerryDeaf Wow! Awesome map! I really enjoyed this experience. I thought the story was a good balance between mysterious and creepy. I definitely got spooked in this horror map. Great job Flyingnoodles! Looking forward to more maps from you!
I also made a video on this map : https://youtu.be/mtlnCtiZ91A

There was a door I was unable to figure out to open in the fireplace room...I wonder where the key is....

2021-03-20 18:13

0 Sand This map is so cool!! Definitely one of my favorites

2021-03-19 19:22

0 zNexusX Your map is the best i ever played.

2021-03-19 14:50

+1 Geo can i play it with a friend multiplayer?

2021-03-17 17:53

0 DaWaffleFish THIS WAS THE BEST MAP IVE EVER PLAYED. THIS IS AMAZING. I was legit so freaked out. Unlike other maps being just funny horror maps this one was like SO Scary. Great job noodles it was a great experience.

2021-03-17 16:51

0 XZOCKERBOY25 AMAZING Map very very good!!!!!!

compliment ;) Hope you make soon another Horror Map

2021-03-17 14:57

0 Zaridus Brooo this cannot compare to other maps, this is so insane!

2021-03-17 05:52

+1 irad he spawn me in the desert

2021-03-16 12:14

+1 - This is a well put together map, the things you put into the map made me hesitant to continue playing the map. The moving images (Not sure what those would be called in this case, i apologize.) had to be the thing that got me most though, i don't see those often in Minecraft horror maps. It was a creepy adventure, the voice acting and sound affects drew me in more. I hope more people give this map a try, even if they don't get scared that easily.

(I deeply apologize if this comment makes no sense.)

2021-03-16 09:58

+4 Jenner Dope Map!

2021-03-15 11:26

+2 Craze This was a really good map! Def in my top fav horror maps :3 My vid: https://youtu.be/3Siysn-T5o0

2021-03-13 18:12

+1 RobTheGinger Fun and creepy adventure. Good job!

2021-03-13 12:08

+3 BlockSoldier_14 This map is honestly the best map I have ever played. From the creepy voice acting to the unsettling atmosphere, I was left clinging to my seat throughout the playthrough. This is a must-play!!

2021-03-13 00:47


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