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Created by willdowdsy

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Map Info

It's the end of your shift at the office and there's no quick way back home except the train station which turns out to be abandoned. Something starts messing with you and you start going crazy. You can't control yourself. You're HALLUCINATING.

For the best experience, please play with Optifine on 1.16.4. Any other version of Optifine should work (Eg. 1.16.3, 1.16.2, 1.16.1). You can still play the map without Optfine, you just won't get the full experience. You'll get enhanced skies, realistic lighting, and higher brightness if you play with Optifine

How to Install this Map:

1) Download the map by clicking the download link
2) Once the map is downloaded, extract the file
3) When the file is extracted, open the file and drag the folder called "Hallucination" that is in map folder and drag into your saves folder
4) Open Minecraft and your map should pop up
5) Open the world and play the map. Enjoy!


- Added support for multiplayer. Recommend to play with 1-2 players.
- Also made it a million times to download the map. The resources have been added to world so you don't need to go to another link to download the resources.


Map Details

Creator: willdowdsy
(211 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 104 MB
Added: 2021-01-11
Downloads: 8,182
Category: Horror Maps


+29 penykid umm. where do we start the map, like where do we spawn at cause it spawns be somewhere different.

2021-01-18 14:32

+78 Kev Where is the textruepack?

2021-01-18 04:47

+61 Angelicism is this map multiplayer?

2021-01-17 04:47

+12 Qn Nice fast map but a quick question, was there meant to be a texture pack for this or no?

2021-01-16 07:38

+2 fedham Really enjoyed this map! I will say I wasn't a big fan of the black concrete 1x2 rooms, not for being overly suspensive but just for being confusing to traverse. Other than that, it was great!

2021-01-15 22:28

+5 Dimittrikov Hey, the map was quite cool, but i was wondering if you could tell me/us the name of the base texture pack you applied your custom textures and models.
Also i got a weird bug where i didnt get a flashlight, although I got the chat message for it. but i didn't hear narration for it either. Then when I /give myself a torch it had the missing texture and it worked strangely whether i had it in my main or second hand or anywhere in my inventory

2021-01-14 18:29

+9 Adamsken hi is it possible to play this map with more than one person or will it break?

2021-01-14 17:18

0 Larc Hey the map seems really cool but i cant fin the texture pack that youre requiring for the map

2021-01-14 00:32

-2 Hershdeep What mod is required?

2021-01-13 20:39

0 Ty Is this game scary?

2021-01-13 18:02

+2 mr yeet Also when I checked the map file like the one I exported and clicked on datapacks there was no file for a texture pack is this just me?

2021-01-12 02:05

+7 mr yeet I followed the instruction and the map worked but the resource pack must not be working because the button just sounds like a normal button not a door unlocking sound effect.

2021-01-12 02:01

+1 isopollo I'm not Shure if I need a texture pack can you tell me how to get it or if there is none

2021-01-11 19:53


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