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Alien: A Crafters Isolation

Created by Xander369/Charlie-309

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Map Info

How scary can Minecraft be? Just in time for Halloween this map is based on the gameplay style of the recently released Alien Isolation and features single player or up to 2 player co-op action, Custom Animated textures, Custom Sound effects, a dynamic alien that hunts you down and Advanced 1.8 command block features (Thanks Mojang).

I would just like to thank again the Minecraft and YouTube community, if it wasn't for you this map would have ever been made so Thank you for being the awesome community you are.

Features Breakdown:

  • Single Player or up to 2 player Co-op.
  • Animated Custom Resource pack ("Texture pack").
  • Custom Sounds (A lot).
  • Working Motion tracker.
  • Custom Mobs.
  • A Dynamic Alien (Unpredictable).
  • 40min-1 hour of Gameplay.

No Mods are required for this map; it runs with completely Vanilla Minecraft however it does require use of the resource packs included in the download.


  • It's simple just copy the Alien: A Crafters Isolation map to your Minecraft saves folder, just like normal.
  • Then copy over our resource pack located in the download file. You have a choice of HD and SD (HD is 256 and SD is 64, Trust me when I say you want the HD pack!J)


CommandBlockOutput - false
doMobSpawning - false
keepInventory - true
mobGriefing – false

Lastly If you would like to keep up to date with the progress of Payday 3 A Gamers Christmas Adventure map or would like to know how this map works check out our new site dedicated to Minecraft adventure map tutorials and building resources HERE.

If you find any bugs please leave a comment so I can fix em. Thanks!

Also, if you make a YouTube video please leave a quick link so I can check it out! It means a lot to me seeing people enjoying my map.

Programs Used:
Chunky - Thanks to nrub. Makes it look spectacular.
McEdit - Thanks to the creators for making such a great program.
SethBlingsMcEdit Filters - Thanks for being you Seth.
NBT Edit - Thanks to copyboy That program saved me.
TooManyItems - Thanks Marglyph Been using this program since it started.
Mumbo Jumbo: for his awesome Redstone tutorials!
Dragnoz: For his awesome command block and redstone tutorials!

Map Details

Creator: Xander369/Charlie-309
(438 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 28 MB
Added: 2014-10-30
Downloads: 197,719
Category: Horror Maps


+1 johns 139 I pulled the lever to start the game but it doesn't work

2021-10-03 12:49

-2 noob We and my friend were playing this map until our fps dropped to 0 and we couldn't enter the server

2021-07-20 18:22

+1 Manuel & Julian really good

2021-05-08 20:15

0 Manuel & Julian Manuel: Hey dear makers of the map!
Me (and Julian) would like to present you a statement of our gaming experience of your awesome map.
I've rarely seen such a masterpiece, especially the fact its freaking multiplayer! Awesome, awesome map, keep going this nice work.
Only thing: We accidentely broke the map when we shot ourself when the map was finished (we got teleported back into an elevator xD but no big deal guys.)
Have a nice day

Map Design 9/10 (because in space it looked not like spaceship)
Textures 10/10 (especially Server Room)
Sounds 8/10 (sounds didnt match 100 %, lightnings were anyoing)
Items 11/10 (escpecially beep thing and Pistol!)
Difficulty 3/10 (impossible if you dont want to die)
Professionality 6/10 (many informative signs, at beginning and ending one bug each)
Features 8/10 (own resourcepack/so unds, 2 player compatible, maybe some easter eggs missing)

2021-05-08 16:27

-22 Bhismar thanks for the awesome map! https://youtu.be/TZzLNLQxLYI

2017-08-13 03:45

+9 Giulio grest map can you please make another payday map

2017-07-30 23:14

-8 Mkill14 Well done Heres my video

2017-07-07 01:03

+5 John Cena Super Cool, My friend and I played it together. Thumbs up, 5 star rating

2017-07-05 19:42

0 CarsonS13 I actyally streamed this map! I found it really fun and scary! heres the link if you wanna watch it -:-


2017-04-30 14:03

-2 ninjanerd27 AWESOME MAP HAD ALOT OF FUN PLAYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

2016-08-31 01:22

+3 Texet It was a great map everything worked and I had a lot of fun well done :D

2016-08-06 13:17

+1 Hurricane Awesome Map I've Played A little bit so far and I already got scared by something that wasn't even the monster. LOL.

I Also Made a YouTube video on it. Here Is the link for anybody who would like to watch the video!

2016-07-26 23:48

+4 Terry Awesome!!! That was the best map I have ever played,thanks for making it.I love it very much.

2016-07-15 09:16

-1 Daniil Good map.I love this map.

2016-07-01 22:27

-1 O_Rusty This map was really good. You did well to make it quite intense. With all the sounds used and the motion detector beeping we were on edge! Me and my nephew played it together. Here's my first video on it. (I'll post the rest of the parts soon)

2016-06-25 22:29

+1 homestar386 This map is truly amazing. This is the best map I have ever played. It's fairly hard, just the right length, amazing textures and sounds, and a nice story. It's not very scary, but it's FUN! Two thumbs up!

2016-06-11 17:55

+2 Biish This map is incredible! The build & textures are phenomenal, and the story worked really well.

Just done a three part series on it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY3GI42y0Hx8UQu1PCalQQLVtLq_U161A

Can't wait for a sequel!

2016-04-16 11:56

+7 Sally Green Great Map! Just finished a 3 part series on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3Bm_B_qsJg

2016-03-28 17:38

-8 EmilPaulH Great map, I would like to make a second part. Can I use the textures?

2016-03-21 12:29

+3 AquaShockGamer Me and my friend played this for a video! Its great!
Check out my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=771mkv5C6ew

2016-01-29 01:45

+3 lara Croft I only played about 15 minutes because my game crashed BUT GRT 10/10

2016-01-10 03:43

-2 Blurred This map is really good! It's actually good at creating a horror atmosphere. Me and my friend really liked playing it. If you wanna see us play it, check out the link: https://youtu.be/CKCKjrgJlbg

2015-12-31 01:46

+4 Zenvin This map is awesome !!!
Please make a second part !

2015-12-12 20:54

-2 Strijderdaan It was realy awesome. I did get eaten by the alien but I realy fun.

2015-12-04 21:16

+1 stepcoolNL WHAT A GREAT MAP, i love it

2015-12-04 21:15

+6 Murr Great map! my friend and I played it and it was really fun.

2015-11-01 16:40

+4 SkullRunnerGR Awesome map we played it with my friend and it was amazing also we made 4 parts video and we are going to upload them soon :D

2015-10-24 17:32

-2 Omega_Rex Hey really nice map here cant wait for a sequel! (O.O) Have you guys seen Aliens: Abord the infesta? What do you guys think of that map? Jusr wondering because it seemed a lot like your map..

2015-10-24 00:07

+5 The Player Very nice map, keep on, you should create some adventure maps too!!

2015-09-20 17:37

+2 TwoDudesInTheirRooms Hi! We played your map (not done yet) and loved it so far! We just uploaded the first video to our channel, check it out :)

2015-08-27 15:59


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