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The First Deathrunner

Created by Lifeely

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Map Info

I would like to present to you one of a kind Deathrun In Minecraft! The map contains 39 different traps, which are at good Animation levels, making it fun to play. 

The map is about reaching the end of the Deathrun before time and not getting killed by a Trapper!

It's playable from +2 Players because you can configure the Map Settings, which include LifeCount / PvP / Collision and more.

The map was testing up to 12 Players but if there is a good Server hosting it can be played with more players!

There is an option for people who want to watch/(record), and more specifically if the person enters the command: /tag @s add recorder

He will enter recorder mode in which the game will not respond to him, he will not be needed to start a game!


Map Details

Creator: Lifeely
(157 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 67.3 MB
Added: 2021-05-16
Downloads: 17,395
Category: Game Maps


+1 simon4399 The map is really cool, but the texture pack is still really strange. Also, I was playing with 2 of my friends. Together we have 3 players. However, the trapper keeps being the same person. No fun at all after a few rounds.

2021-10-06 14:47

+3 RS_Mind The map is really cool, but the texture pack is really strange. It contains several filenames for custom textures that minecraft cannot read (capital letters, spaces), as well as the entire default texture pack, bloating the filesize. I had to manually fix the pack in order to view the game properly.

2021-05-17 23:55


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