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The Building Game returns with an entirely new look that'll have everyone jumping around and building about! Whether you've played the original building game with friends or events or want to experience what new Minecraft has to offer for a fun recreational activity, this is the map for you! The inspiration for different modes here come from the SethBling Building Game we all know and love, Hypixel's own Build Battle for servers, and Grian's one of a kind Build Off as well.


Instead of your regular Telephone game mode, this time around you can be positioned to dive into multiple types of game modes.

  • Telephone: Your standard Building Game experience. Players write a topic they want (or use a predefined one) and once everyone is ready, a new player has to build that topic within a time limit. After the time is up, players have to guess what that topic and the game continues through the building and guess phases until a certain point. Once that's up, you're able to view the wackiness of the lines that have gone through.
  • Tourney Mode: Everyone is given one random topic from a pool of themes and has to start building that specific topic. Once time is up, everyone moves to every build and votes from a point system. After 30 seconds or everyone has voted, you keep moving to each build until all builds have been voted once. Person with the lowest points loses, but not to worry! You can still vote on builds for the next phases until the rounds keep going for a winner. There is a standardized score that helps determine who the top 3 placements are.
  • Build Battle: A theme is chosen at random and players are to build that topic. After the building phase is up in time, everyone goes to each build and scores them based on appearance for 30 seconds or until everyone has voted. Once all votes are up, the players with the highest score wins. Uses the same score grading that tourney uses.
  • 1v1s: You'll be dragged to a 1v1 arena where you and another person will be building a topic. When time is up, you'll go through the voting stage to start voting on different builds to see who did it better. You'll also have people voting on your builds. If you lose, don't worry - you're still going to be facing everyone. The game keeps going until everyone faces everyone.


  • With Options you're able to mess with the settings to customize your experience. Some of them will:
  • Adjust the timer to lengthen or shorten the clock.
  • Force themes from either the main game or your own custom themes.
  • Mess around with modifiers that change the game up dramatically.
  • Be able to team up with a buddy to get things done faster.
  • Allow entities to be placed around the area.


  • Bringing in a new twist, modifiers are here to help enhance or ruin the experience. These are done in a fun way such as being able to drop sand or spawning in a bunch of pigs named Reuben!


  • From a swampy forest to the bustling city, there are different arenas you can build on. The best part though? Multiple games can be going on at the same time, all with different settings or options done to them!
  • Builds by Darkbrine and Dominexis
  • Tech by Dominexis
  • Want to learn how to make maps? Join the Mapmaker's Bootcamp Discord server.
  • This map is for Java Edition 1.19.2.



2022-11-23 - Map Released.

- Fixed some bugs on 1v1s mode.

Map Details

Map Creator: Mapmaker's Bootcamp
(6 votes)
Map Version: v1.0.1
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 35.8 MB
Date Added: 2022-11-23
Downloads: 1,165
Map Category: Game Maps

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