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Sprint Racer

Created by Flamingosaurus

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From the creators of Mario Kart in Minecraft comes another combat racing minigame!

This time the experience is far more polished and streamlined, perfect for a quick session with friends.

New features include AI opponents, a much improved item system, and revised tracks.


You gain speed as you run, you lose speed when you take damage. Use a wide variety of items to gain the upper hand!

Primary mode of play is race mode, where players race to the finish on a linear track. Races demand quick thinking!

There's also battle mode, where players fight in an open arena for the highest number of KOs. Battles get very hectic!


  • 29 Tracks
  • 20 unique items
    • Each item also has an upgraded "enchanted" variant, so that makes 40!
  • Support for any number of players (1 to infinity)
  • AI opponents that act just as players do
    • Map supports up to 9 of these at once!
  • Performance options
  • Easily modifiable "language" folder inside the map's datapack


  • Programming and Track Design - Flamingosaurus
  • Track Design Lead - VioletRosa
  • Lobby Design - MCFilms and Jayjo_
  • Additional Track Design - ReflectedMantis, Marioman237, MCFilms, Jayjo_, SenpaiiPepe, Broncofan9798

Please send bug reports and suggestions to Flamingosaurus#3487 on Discord.



  • Supports current Minecraft versions Item balancing has been improved (now more consistent, competitive, and fun)
  • Added 21 new tracks Added a custom track editor
  • Added "Time Attack" mode
  • Added a soundtrack (creative commons, courtesy of ZetaSphere and Argofox)
  • Added cheat codes
  • Various other additions...
  • Various optimizations...
  • AI is smarter
  • Fixed a comical amount of bugs


Map Details

Creator: Flamingosaurus
(188 votes)
Version: 1.3.4
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 182 MB
Added: 2019-10-27
Downloads: 17,648
Category: Game Maps


0 CaliberPlex Great map! Just ran some rounds with some friends and we had a blast! Everything is super fluid and well made. Only problem is that some of the race maps are unclear on direction so we got lost on some of them at first but other than that its great.

2021-08-14 17:13

+6 SuperStarXLR it keeps saying that Entity w is missing and the map doesnt load, we just spawn in a birch forest with signs in the air

2021-07-11 19:32

+19 Name It keeps on kicking me for flying

2019-10-29 22:11

+2 cooly1234 AMAZING! i loved the prequel as well. The bots are rlly bad though XD

2019-10-28 23:11


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