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Pixel Party 2

Created by DutchCommanderMC

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Made by DutchCommanderMC & Team Blocksanity.

Almost one year later, Pixel Party returns. But this time, it's snowier than before...

Pixel Party 2 is a party games map, that lets you choose between eight different fun and unique minigames. Select the amount of rounds you and your friends want to play, select the game you want to play, follow its objectives, and be victorious to gain points. After all rounds have been played, the player with the most points wins!

This map contains 8 different minigames:
- Lower the snow underneath other players' feet
- If you fall, you lose
Snowy Business:
- Gain as many snowballs as the snowman
- If you're the snowman, run away and dodge the arrows
- To become the snowman, shoot the current snowman
Present Hunt:
- Presents appear everywhere on the island
- Find and punch presents to collect them, collect as many as possible
Santa's Standoff:
- Open presents to get weapons, armor, materials, or other items
- Fight against others and be the last one standing
- Play it smart! Each item doesn't have much durability...
Icy Archers:
- Build defenses out of ice
- After the build phase is over, start shooting people with your bow
- When you hit ice, it breaks
- Vortexes appear, slowly tearing the ground apart
- Don't fall into a vortex, but try hooking others in
Meat Lovers:
- Kill animals for their meat, and deliver that to the villager
- Every type of animal drops a different amount of meat
- Hit players to steal some of their meat before they deliver it
Final Showdown:
- Fight against other with rapid-fire crossbows
- Instead of arrows, fireworks are used

- This map is made for 1.15! Don't try to convert it back to 1.14, that won't work. Updating it to newer versions however, will most likely work.
- This map contains a resource pack! Without it, some things might look odd. You can download it using the link below. Once downloaded, put it in your resource pack folder, but don't to unzip it!
- You'll need 2 or more players to play! Don't worry if someone leaves mid-game though. The map will handle players joining and leaving at any time.

Resource Pack (Size: 64.17KB)

Find the original map here



2019-12-17 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: DutchCommanderMC
(245 votes)
Map Version: v1.1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.15 (Java)
File Size: 2.8 MB
Date Added: 2019-12-17
Downloads: 13,345
Map Category: Game Maps

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