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Minigame Mania 2

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Before you start:

This map is the sequel to A map I made 7 months ago named "Minigame mania", after realizing that I personally preferred to make minigame maps over history based ones, I decided to make "Minigame mania 2"

What does It have:

Minigame mania 2 has one less minigame than minigame mania 1, (for a total of 7) but that does not mean its going to be less fun or shorter, the mayority of the minigames on this map are completely original and by this I mean that I have not seen anything similar to it before, (this was a bit of a problem while making the map by the way) The 7 MiniGames on this map will be listed below with a short description of what they are, so if you prefer them to be a surprise, dont read the text below:

MiniGame #1: Red and blue: This minigame is basically a parkour course with red and blue coloured blocks that change every few seconds, theres a noteblock sound that will sound 3 times before they change, that way you can time your jumps to not fall down

MiniGame #2: Deep Sea Exploration: This minigame takes place inside a water temple on the bottom of the ocean, you will need to explore it and complete two paths full of obstacles and darkness.

MiniGame #3: Death Corridor: This minigame takes place inside a corridor that will try to stop you from getting to the other side with traps that can kill you in seconds.

MiniGame #4: Slowly and carefully: This minigame takes place underground close to a volcano, you will have to reach the bottom of the place by slowly jumping from platform to platform until you get to the bottom of the place, the jumps are really easy, the problem is that most people will try to speed run to get to finish the minigame as fast as possible, which leads to them dying.

MiniGame #5: Archery Challenges: This minigame is an archery challenge, basically shoot the targets, but it also has some parts that are a bit different to what you would normally expect on a shoot the targets minigame.

MiniGame #6: The Microgames: This minigame has more minigames inside it, I call this the microgames, they are simple puzzles inside a chamber that can be completed in a few seconds or a few minutes, depends what microgame you are playing.

MiniGame #6: Space Station Escape : This minigame is located inside a space station in a suborbital trajectory headed straight towards earth, somehow you are inside that station and must escape it before it is too late, this is my favourite minigame because its not like the others in any way.

Things you might be wondering:

How much time does it take to complete the map?

-About 20 minutes or more, depends on who is playing it.

How much time did It take you to make this map?

-More than 50 hours (I am on vacations right now and I did not know what to do with my free time, so I chose this)

Does the map require a texture pack?


Does the map work on multiplayer?


Is the map dedicated to someone?

-To the youtuber PopularMMos, but you are free to play it by yourself or with some friends.


Some minigames in this map are difficult, some are not, depends (again) on who is playing it.

But for me, this is how hard they are in a scale of 1 to 5 (If you want the minigames to be a surprise to a point that you dont even want to know the names of the minigames, then do not read this):

Red and Blue: 3

Deep Sea exploration: 2

Death corridor: 3

Slowly and carefully: 4

Archery challenge: 2

Space station escape: 1

And that is all -Carlos_A_M (or Sol469, depends on what name you prefer :P)



2019-02-28 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Carlos_A_M
(69 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.13.2
File Size: 3 MB
Date Added: 2019-02-28
Downloads: 2,902
Map Category: Game Maps

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