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Minigame Craze

Created by Cooneybug

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Map Info

There are nine, completely unique and re-playable minigames to choose from.

Some examples are: Boom & Gloom - blow up the specified area in under one minute, or Island Defender - teleport to the islands to defend your home from zombies.

With the coins you gain, you can purchase from a vast array of different particle effects.

When you are finished playing through all nine games, enjoy the end credits firework show!

Map Features

  • Nine re-playable minigames (Skydive, Electrify, Groove Down, Sumo Boost, Parkour Run, Ice Shooter, Island Defender, Boom & Gloom, and Paint Parkour)
  • Many minigames have multiple difficulties to choose from
  • Enable or disable games of your choosing
  • Gain coins on game completion
  • Purchase from a vast array of particle effects
  • A complete ranking system
  • End credits firework show!
  • Behind the scenes command block tour
  • Plenty of customization options for your playing experience

Map Settings

Players: 1 player only

GUI Scale: It is recommended that you use a GUI Scale of 2 when playing this map.

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Map Details

Creator: Cooneybug
(136 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 2.6 MB
Added: 2019-11-29
Downloads: 6,960
Category: Game Maps


+5 3do3d On the parkour minigame you can't see a thing from all of the particles and you can't delete the map inside of minecraft.

2019-12-07 23:26

+5 a Laggy, basic games, impossible to get a positive rank.

2019-11-30 02:59


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