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This multiplayer map for 2 to 4 players is heavily inspired by the classic Mario Party games. Take turns moving around the board to collect coins and trade coins for items and stars. At the end of each turn all players compete in a minigame for extra coins. Most stars at the end of the game wins.


Featuring 5 brand new boards, over 60 new and classic minigames. Made with more than 7000 command blocks.

Special thanks to everyone who helped test the map and to everyone who donated to me on Ko-Fi. If you enjoy my maps, help me spend more time making them by supporting me:

Also thanks to Nintendo for publishing the original Mario Party games. Please do not sue me.



  • enable-command-block=true
  • spawn-animals=true
  • spawn-npcs=true
  • spawn-monsters=true
  • difficulty=easy                 (or normal, or hard)
  • view-distance=10            (or more than 10)



2023-05-15 - Map Released.


  • Added a sign asking players to play on 1.20.1
  • Fixed the Slow Dice item sometimes being infinite use.
  • Cluck ‘em: Many more chickens, players now have wooden swords.
  • Candlelight Flight: Solo player has smaller light radius, team no longer slowed.
  • Revolving Fire: Reduced the speed of the firebar.
  • Ghast Baseball: Removed minigame from board game mode.
  • Parkour Tag: Reduced the time the team needs to survive to win.
  • Game Guy’s Roulette: The rarer colors now payout more.


  • Added a new board: Tycoon Town.
  • Added an option to disable randomized final five turn modifiers.
  • Player’s board piece now glows at the start of their turn.
  • Players now have a player head equipped matching their board piece.
  • Changed up many spaces where a fork in the path did not affect what space you landed on.
  • Increased the number of item spaces on the isolated island on the ocean board.
  • Fixed a shop error on the ocean board.
  • Fixed a text error when multiple players tie for a bonus star.
  • Personal Space Invaders: added some soul sand near solo player.
  • Parkour Tag: Decreased the amount of time team needs to survive to win.
  • Revolving Fire/Candlelight Flight: solo player now briefly cannot move at the start.
  • Power Trip: new tip sign for the team.
  • Parkour Panic/Paths of Peril: players are now invisible with colored boots.


  • Added a new free-play minigame mode.
  • Updated to Minecraft version 1.20.1
  • Reduced the frequency of 1v3 minigames in board game mode.
  • Fixed a copper path issue on the Evil Turtle Land board.
  • Raid Boss: increased crossbow charge speed of solo player.
  • Kill the Runner: made first parkour section much easier for solo player.
  • Dungeon Duos: fixed everyone sometimes losing their blocks in the final section.



  • Added an option to disable bonus stars.
  • Adjusted minigame selection algorithm. Minigame types should now appear more evenly.
  • Map now sets the correct difficulty at the start of the game.
  • Fixed errors in text displayed after coin minigames.
  • Dizzy Dancing: reworked minigame to fix lag problem with some servers.
  • Oinkball: added larger goals if the minigame goes overtime.
  • Power Trip: increased team knockback resistance slightly.
  • Parkour Tag: added more platforms to help you recover when you fall.
  • Anvil Assault: decreased the number of anvils given to the solo player.
  • Kill the Runner: decreased the number of arrows given to the team.
  • Ghast Baseball: adjusted the solo platform to have a better angle on the team.
  • Revolving Fire: adjusted speed of firebars.
  • Tractor Beam Tracking: updated rules to be clearer.
  • Raid Boss: fixed incorrect information in the rules.
  • Evil Turtle’s Memory Maker: made a few of the possible builds slightly easier.

Map Details

Map Creator: Mr_Kheese
(58 votes)
Map Version: v1.3.2
Minecraft Version: 1.20.1
File Size: 8.8 MB
Date Added: 2023-05-15
Downloads: 8,543
Map Category: Game Maps

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