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Equipment Roast

Created by CrazyCowMM external

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You and your friend(if you have one) work the incinerators at a dump! The job sucks and would be totally boring if your stupid coworkers stopped dropping TNT down the incinerator.

But they're idiots so that probably won't happen. Oh they also occasionally drop some fancy stuff like diamonds which you make sure to stuff into your pockets :wink: 

How the Game Works

Use your fishing rod to grab TNT and fancy items off of the conveyor belt. The fishing rod has been slightly altered to make your life easier and all you have to do is grab onto the item and it will reel in automatically! If even a single piece of TNT gets in your incinerator you lose! Fancy items are worth and extra couple of points!

Be wary of you fishing rod durability! It is not infinite and you might need to grab another one mid game(good luck with that).

PLAY WITH 1-2 PLAYERS!!!! NO MORE NO LESS(0 players def won't work)


This map is kind of strange if you haven't noticed, so before you think I'm insane I would like to explain myself.

I created this map using a random word generator(which of course gave me the words equipment and roast) and did the entire map in about 3-4 hours.

There are probably glitches and exploits because of this so pls tell me about them on my discord server. So yeah it is an odd map but so what.


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Creator: CrazyCowMM external
(79 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 1.67 MB
Added: 2018-12-03
Downloads: 1,154
Category: Game Maps

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0 CrazyCowMM Quoting DaCrunchyNoodles:
I like it! nice work!


2018-12-07 03:44

0 DaCrunchyNoodles I like it! nice work!

2018-12-06 17:34


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