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Elytra Flight Challenge III

Created by Lore of Crafters

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Map Info

Welcome to the third Elytra Flight Challenge!

(Difficulty: Intermediate)

The goal is to fly to the end of the course using the Elytra as fast as possible!

You have to use the red pressure plate pads or tripwires to go back to the beginning and start over in case you land or fail anywhere.

Trailer for the map.

Map Details

Creator: Lore of Crafters
(103 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 5.61 MB
Added: 2016-03-14
Downloads: 18,710
Category: Game Maps


xdshnick Jusy found shortcut and did 15 sec run. I hope this record will be hard to beat :D

2021-08-22 01:03

JoJumper Great challenges!!! Keep making those! (37 sec)

2016-05-12 19:28

Dudamesh The first one was good, the transition between different circles is satisfying and has a flow feeling, the 2nd one was slightly smaller than the 1st but it sure as hell was harder (get it? sure as hell? ok I'll stop) however the 2nd one had bad finals, like the last few circles are not matching to the previous ones. the third one was poorly transitioned, it was a bit hard but it seemed more like a challenge, it didn't have good transitions, you have to change your speed very fast very soon, the last few circles were beautiful but inside the 'castle' was bad.

My Highscores:

1st Challenge: 37 secs (there was no timer in the 1st so I put a timer on it myself)
2nd Challenge: 29 secs :O which was after failing for 50 or so tries in which my best then was 40+ or so
3rd Challenge: 36 secs! my best kept going down from 40 to 39 to 38 and so on hahahahaa

2016-04-04 11:38

Magi_Cal I love this map. I recorded a Speed Run of this. Can you beat my high score? I scored 39

2016-03-28 17:14

Syaoran3 Use this instead:

/replaceitem entity @a[r=20] slot.armor.ches t minecraft:elytr a 1 0 {Unbreakable:1, display:{Name:" Elytra"},HideFl ags:4}

2016-03-20 13:12

Musmus11 my time was 56 sec

2016-03-19 08:58

Zekodex Ok, The first one I loved, The second one I loved. This one dropped majorly in "good"ness. Like It was super short, the speed you were supposed to fly at kept changing. It was not fluid in flight. The areas you flew through were not well transitioned, Very jagged. I may be spewing nonsense right now but I hope the fourth one will be better than this. this one seemed very rushed.

2016-03-19 01:15

_OrangeCat_ I love the series!! please keep making them!!!

2016-03-14 17:07


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