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Craft Royale

Created by NeoMc/Brozziest

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Welcome to the Arena! If you are not familiar, Clash Royale is a card-based war game that takes place in the Clash of Clans universe! Players go head-to-head in live-action matches using troops they deploy to destroy their opponent's towers! Keys to victory usually include well-rounded decks, smart plays, and clever strategies!

But then there came 2v2s, the GREATEST ADDITION EVER! You could team up with a friend of yours and go off into the unknown to play two other players! Strategies were broken all at once leading to hilarious and fun chaos! So we decided to bring this wonderful feature here to you guys in a custom map!

*Note: Map was designed for the "Lucky Blocks" series under request by SSundee*

IMPORTANT! There are a few things you need to know before you play!

  • Please do not SPAM cards in your cycle. Play them as you get enough elixir to.
  • Do not steal cards from other people's chests!
  • Do not deploy into the river, your troops will drown instantly!
  • Do not deploy cards while standing inside your partner, this may cause glitches!
  • Deploying troops directly on top of other enemy troops may cause issues. We recommend deploying to the sides.
  • Do not deploy anything directly ON TOP of any tower, just drop it in front!
  • This map may be played BOTH as either 1v1 or 2v2!
  • Features over 3,500 command blocks!



Map by NeoMc & Brozziest Play in Minecraft 1.11.2 Supports 2 or 4 Players


Map Details

Creator: NeoMc/Brozziest
(993 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 7 MB
Added: 2017-09-05
Downloads: 36,521
Category: Game Maps

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+33 3.3 i need to tp the fight

2018-04-01 11:11

+16 yangyang200 Great map with lots of command block!

2018-03-07 12:11

+13 TDMplease Quoting It5meSam:
Great Map! Lots of Command Blocks!

umm ya... over 3000 command blocks

2018-03-05 12:56

+12 TDMplease Quoting SquareWave:
Are you using a server? If so, did you enable command blocks in the server properties?

He probably didn't

2018-03-05 12:55

+8 J-gaming im dont have any server so please make a update to play with the command blocks to play it single player
and thx for making this map
take my idea to make it please!
^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

2018-03-05 11:26

+9 SomeGuyHere Just saying..... but can you make a singleplayer version of this? just realised it after i played.

2017-11-20 10:50

+8 dead_USER Do you have seed for this map?

2017-11-05 02:05

+35 SquareWave Quoting saher:
dude the summon is not working either did you lie to us or what

Are you using a server? If so, did you enable command blocks in the server properties?

2017-10-02 08:09

-9 saher dude the summon is not working either did you lie to us or what

2017-09-06 20:04

+1 Anonymous The game wouldn't work.

2017-09-06 15:02

+21 It5meSam Great Map! Lots of Command Blocks!

2017-09-06 03:23


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