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Capture The Flag has entered the second dimension! 2D Capture The Flag is a new take on the popular Capture The Flag minigame, in that it is in a tiny 2-Dimensional cage where you can only move fowards, backwards, up, and down. There is no running around, you are forced to interact with the opposing team at one point!

2 players minimum are needed to play the game, but it is recommended that each team have at least 2 people for best possible gameplay.

All players will have a sword, pickaxe, armor, and an infinite amount of blocks. Run to the other side to grab the opposing team's flag, then run back to your side without getting killed, and place it on the proper block. If you are killed with the flag, the flag is returned back to its base.

Couple things to note:
--You can't build in either teams' area or against blue/red walls!
--Do NOT drop your sword or pick, you might not get it back!
--Get to the other team's area, break their flag with your pick, and place it back at your area
--You can place blocks on Green WOOL, but NOT on Green CONCRETE
--If you have the other flag, you will be highlighted!

This map was made by Jerries. Please credit me for any Youtube videos.
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2024-01-30 - Map Released.

Version 1.11:

--Added 3 maps: Zig-Zag, Wartime, and Hourglass, all in addition to the default empty stage
--doInstantRespawn has been set to true
--There is a 5-second wait time to respawn after dying
--You cannot place blocks on any wall anymore
--You can place blocks on the roof, though
--Capturing the flag gives you Slowness II instead of Slowness I
--Joining the world/server during a game puts you into spectator mode


Map Details

Map Creator: Jerries
(5 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.20.4
File Size: 1.8 MB
Date Added: 2024-01-30
Downloads: 411
Map Category: Game Maps

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